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Posts from the ‘How To + DIY’ Category

DIY Natural Soothing Postpartum Pads

Healing aid for postpartum when your lady parts have gone through the ringer!  TMI!!!  Here’s a visual step-by-step of how to make them! Read more

Are Canadians All Lumberjacks – How to Split Firewood

Canadians are all lumberjacks.  Well this lumberjack is gonna show you the easiest way to split wood!  Read more

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I really like an old timey, simple Christmas tree.  I’ll show you some decorations you can make for yourself! Read more

Road Trip with your Cat

Stuck in a car with a cat for hours on end.  Sounds horrible doesn’t it?  Well, here come some Tips Ahoy!!! Read more

I’ve Caught the Knitting Bug

Oh, knitting.  You’ve finally managed to capture my heart!!!  I too have succumbed to the call of your seductive siren song! Read more

Bringing your Cat into Canada from the US

Yes!  You can do it too!!!  Bring all your kitties + cats into Canada!!!  I’ll tell you how! Read more

Hallway Makeover!

HALLWAY MAKEOVER!!!  Yeeeeah!!!  Get excited!!! Read more

DIY Succulent Terrariums

Yes, yes, yes.  There are endless posts already written + photographed about DIY succulent terrariums.  But I really don’t care.  Because I had fun doing it, so I’m going to write yet ANOTHER post on DIY succulent terrariums.  So there. Read more

Planting Bulbs????

I put all the question marks at the end of the title of this post because I have no idea how to plant bulbs.  Help!!! Read more

How to Use Your Own American Phone in Canada

I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this simple solution for using my own iPhone in Canada.  Duh. Read more

How to Vote as an American Abroad

November 6th is coming up fast + furious, Yankees!!!  Every time I listen to one of the presidential debates between President Obama + Romney I think, “Oh crap.”. Read more

DIY Budget Composter!!!

Hey guys!!!  Excuse me while I get all DIY up in yo’ bizznaaaaaz!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I made myself an $18.99 (plus tax!) composter, for real!!!! Read more

Painting Tips

Interior house painting has commenced!  Finally!!! Read more

How to Renew + Expedite a US Passport in Canada

There are many grey matters that are concerned when one is an American in Canada.  What is the protocol? Read more