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Langdon at Langdon Hall

Baby Langdon’s first visit to the luxurious country house hotel + spa, Langdon Hall!  A truly memorable getaway for our little family of three.








When we were in Ontario earlier this month, we stayed for one night at Langdon Hall.  It was a must!!!  Langdon Hall is a very special place for us.  Jeff’s mom was their tea lady for 20 years, Jeff worked there as a bartender during university, + it is also where Jeff proposed to me.  When we were unsuccessfully trying to find a name for the baby while I was pregnant, my mom saw some old pictures of Jeff + Jean at Langdon Hall + remembered that it was also where we were engaged – she said, “If it’s a boy, what about Langdon?”.  Genius, Rocky!!!!!  Langdon heartily agrees.Langdon Hall - 01

Three generations at Langdon Hall.Langdon Hall - 02

We had a really fantastic lunch with Grandma Jean at Wilks’ Bar.  Here’s Langdon in front of a portrait of his namesake, Eugene Langdon Wilks.  Eugene Langdon Wilks was a great grandson of John Jacob Astor, who purchased + established plans for the building of his country estate during the late 1890’s.  Is there a resemblance?Langdon Hall - 03

After lunch we checked into our room located in the main house – oh it was heaven!!!!Langdon Hall - 04

Langdon was engulfed with splendor!!!Langdon Hall - 05

And can you believe it – we were welcomed with a bottle of wine on ice, petite fours, cookies, chocolates + a special note from the owners William Bennett + Mary Beaton!!!!  SO THOUGHTFUL + TOUCHING!!!  “LITTLE LANGDON FAYLE” AWWWWW!!!Langdon Hall - 06

“Thank you for showing me to my room, I won’t be needing anything else at the moment.  Goodbye.” Langdon suavely waved us off.  The little man immediately set off for dreamland on his down filled bed.  He now turns his nose at anything less.  Posh Baby.Langdon Hall - 07
After his afternoon snooze, we went to go meet his Posh Father at the pool.Langdon Hall - 08

“Oh how nice of you two to join me.” saluted Posh Father.Langdon Hall - 09

“Son, let’s have a toast to life.  L’chaim!!!!”.  “Don’t mind if I do, father!” agreed Langdon.Langdon Hall - 10

TO LIFE!!!!  Isn’t it all a jolly quest?!  Hahaha!!!  Rather!!!!Langdon Hall - 11

Dad taking a phone call post swim in the kitchen’s gardens.Langdon Hall - 12

That night Grandma Jean watched Langdon (our first time apart!) while Jeff + I went downstairs for THE BEST DINNER I’VE HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!  But first, cocktails in the drawing room.Langdon Hall - 13

Halibut amuse bouche compliments of the chef!!!  So delicate!Langdon Hall - 15

Seared foie gras, peas, thyme, hazelnut + pork belly!!!Langdon Hall - 16

Scallop, citrus, creme fraiche, burnt onion + marigold!!  The scallops were velvety-melt-in-your-mouth!!!Langdon Hall - 17

Another appetizer compliments of the chef, we were so spoiled!!!  Ricotta gnudi, asparagus, mushroom + truffle!!!  I truly wanted to lick the plate clean!Langdon Hall - 18

My entree was the beef roasted loin, braised cheek, kale, beetroot + bone marrow.  Jeff had the lamb, young carrot, wild garlic + pickled tongue.  It was cooked to perfection.  I dream about this meal!Langdon Hall - 19

We finished things off with a specially selected artisanal cheese plate accompanied by honey with truffle flakes + a fruit compote.  I didn’t take pictures of it because at that point I was stuffed to the point of seeing double.  I’m not joking – it was the best meal that I’ve ever had in my entire life!  Jeff proposed to me after dinner, four years ago at Langdon Hall!!!

The next day we gave Langdon a quick tour.  Here we are in the Red Room which was once the ladies’ parlor.Langdon Hall - 20

Langdon in one of the sitting rooms full of windows, light + greenery.  He is looking quite the master of chunk in this photo so I thought it would be a shame not to share.Langdon Hall - 21

Dad + Langdon in the billiard room.Langdon Hall - 22

Learning to handle his first pool stick!Langdon Hall - 23

We then moved outside – here’s Langdon + Jeff sitting in the exact same spot at the pond where Jeff proposed on bended knee!Langdon Hall - 24

Oh the bright, vibrant, fall colors!!!Langdon Hall - 25

This hippie baby loves trees, leaves, plants + flowers more than anything else!  And we love watching him discover the hypnotizing, calming sensation that nature brings.Langdon Hall - 26

I’m crazy about the layers + different hues of green the grounds has to offer.  It’d be awesome to be able to try + replicate it one day.Langdon Hall - 27

Langdon + Dad.Langdon Hall - 28

I should rename this post, “Langdon touching things.”.  He has a mischievous look on his face similar to the stone garden bloke!Langdon Hall - 29

In front of Langdon Hall.  Done in the Federal Revival style which was very in style at the - 05

Our family on the front steps of Langdon Hall.  Maybe we can make this picture a family tradition as we continually return to our beloved Langdon Hall in the years to come!Langdon Hall - 30

As we were driving off, Jeff stopped the car + plopped Langdon, car seat + all in front of the sign.  Is he wearing the largest bib of all time?  Yes!  Hand made, courtesy of Grandma Rocky!Langdon Hall - 31

We will remember this stay at Langdon Hall forever!  It was a quick, but truly special visit for us – returning with our son Langdon.  We are so thankful + want to convey our gratitude for the generosity, warmth + hospitality we are showered with whenever we are there!  It’s such a peaceful, haven of beauty + tranquility.  A gentle quiet that gives one a sense of a time lost + forgotten.  We hope to be able to visit again + again + again!  Until next time, Langdon Hall!!!  THANK YOU!!!!


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  1. Your little man is so cute! We just took our boy to his first posh hotel and he also lapped up the luxury – mainly all the attention he got from the staff. 🙂

    October 26, 2014
    • Thank you so much!!! Isn’t it nice when posh hotels are super accommodating + nice, instead of unwelcoming when it comes to babies!!!?? We felt really special!

      October 27, 2014
  2. Langdon is Gangsta.

    October 27, 2014
  3. Oooh, very nice! I don’t know what any of that food was, but it’s sooo pretty! 🙂

    October 27, 2014
  4. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    Veeery Niiiice, Nan,…Langdon Hall certainly will evoke fond
    memories 2 U, Jeff and LangLang forever more, AWsuM!!!!!
    i’d say the vittles/grindzzee at Langdon Hall looks too beautiful
    2 eat,..hehe…LOL, glad U’guy’s had a Great Time with our
    handsome grandson,…Take Care, best 2 Jeff, LangLang, Megs!!!
    ps: your photo’s of Langdon Hall,…Great… nice Photo’s, Nan !!!!!

    October 27, 2014
  5. E. H. Ned Langdon #

    I planning a trip there soon !

    August 17, 2015

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