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Two Peas In A Pod

Two peas in a pod.  That’s what my mom says about Jeff + I. Read more

Merry Christmas 2011!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!!!  Jeff arrived Christmas Eve night + I was so happy to finally have him in Los Angeles!!! Read more

Has Anyone Heard of Krampus???

One night recently, I was looking at images on Google for Victorian Saint Nick etchings (don’t ask me why).  All of a sudden, up popped this image: Read more

Jeff’s Day vs. My Day

Jeff is wrapping up his portion of work in Alberta this week.  This is a view of his day at work in the Canadian Rockies:

Aaaah what a majestic horizon!!!!


Here’s my horizon:

Mountain of old, dirty, messed up shoes!!!  Not cool!  Majestically horrible!!!!  Lucky Jeff…

Rip Van Winkle Better Keep Sleeping

Rip Van Winkle is the story of a man that slept through the American Revolutionary War.  When he awoke, he was old + gray, his wife + friends had passed away + he had been asleep during the entire war.  Read more

Time to Rewind

Huzzah!!!!!  This is a week to truly celebrate!!!!  In a mellow, non-party like + zen manner!!!  Tuesday, my renters moved into my condo + Wednesday was the last day of shooting!!!  It is time for me to straight up chillax like a pampered house cat!!!!  Read more


Today was really rough, I’m not gonna lie.  Luckily my mom + dad came to help my poor, broken soul with cleaning out the condo.  How else could I have done it?  My bones felt like they were made of shark cartilage.  Read more

Lunar Eclipse + Snuggles

Aaaaaah, working at nights.  How exhausted + turned around you make me.  You old foe.  I got off work this morning at 6:30 am.  The benefit to this was that I was able to witness a total lunar eclipse!!!  Read more

If Not For Family

Still working nights.  Blech!  If it wasn’t for my family with all of their endless love + support, I would not be able to move out of + rent my condo! Read more

Strength + Vigor!!!!

Done!  Finito!  Fin!  Owari!  That’s it!!!  Today was the grand finale!!!!  Pretty much everything is out of my condo after today’s big haul.  Next weekend…cleaning! I can’t wait for this all to eeeeeeend!!!!!! Read more

Seratonin Deficient

I’M SO SICK OF MOVING!!!!  This weekend is the last push.  After tomorrow, my goal is to clear everything out of my condo so that next weekend can be reserved for cleaning.  Moving sucks!!! Read more