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Posts tagged ‘Calgary’

Auntie’s Visit to Alberta

My sister Ashley made a short, fast trip to Alberta to visit Langdon.  We had such an awesome time + ate a lot of tasty food along the way! Read more

Debbie in Calgary

A New York girl in Alberta’s big city????  Let’s see how all of this shakes down…. Read more

Debbie in the Country

Yes I have many excuses for being an inconsistent blogger!  My 1st friend to come visit me from the US was in town + we were having too many adventures! Read more

State of Emergency – Calgary Flood 2013

Hey everyone I’m back.  The loss of the internet due to the flooding + our following camping trip = a lapse in blog posts. Read more

Megu Luvs Vintage

If you’re my cat – you’ve got to love vintage.  There’s no other choice. Read more

Target (Finally) Arrives in Canada!

You Yankees are going to be like, “A post about Target???  She’s completely lost the plot!”.  Oh my dear friends, you can’t even know how deprived I’ve been… Read more

Jane’s Walk + Tommy Guns

Saturday was a beautiful day to take part in two Jane’s Walks to learn more about Calgary + urban development.  How do submachine guns fit in?  Well read on! Read more

Getting to Know You

Hey Canadian Foothills…it’s nice to meet you.  It’s been kind of like a first date, getting to know my new hood for the summer. Read more

Calgary Comic + Entertainment Expo 2013

OMG I don’t even know where to start.  Best people watching.  Period. Read more

Going on a Hiatus!

A view of my little slice of hell!  Yep, packing up AGAIN!!!  It’s season 3 time for “Hell on Wheels”…. Read more

Hanging Up Pictures

Together Jeff + I have too many framed pictures, but we’ve had fun putting them up + I love an adorned wall!!!! Read more

2013, Right On!!!!!

Happy New Year, y’all!!!!  Here’s a brief recap of 2012 + an amazing start to 2013 with a traditional Japanese meal!!! Read more

Lynnwood Inn Closed for Business

Last Sunday Jeff + I had lunch at the Lynnwood Inn of North Vancouver – which would be the last day that they were serving. Read more

The Drive!!!!!

Hola, Vancouver!  Que tal??!!!!  I’ve got to catch up on posts – we arrived in Vancouver on Sunday + since then it’s been nut balls busy!!!! Read more