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Very Busy At Work

Sorry that I haven’t posted in such a long time.  As you can see, I’ve been very busy.  Very busy at work. Read more

Uncle John’s Cafe

Uncle John’s Cafe.  Why was I not introduced to your culinary delights until now???  This place instills a desire in me to move back to downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Handy-Dandy Sites About Canadian Immigration

Immigrating to Canada from the United States can make you feel so very alooooooone.  Like no one has ever done it before in the history of the earth. Read more

Calling All Art Critics

A post of randomness.  Random posts.  That’s what happens when Jeff is in Canada + I’m in the United States. Read more

Shikiji Calgary

I forgot to post about Shikiji – a “Japanese” restaurant in Calgary that Jeff + I tried out the day before I left. Read more

Emotional Eating

Yesterday I went to my much needed physical checkup + got a weigh in.  All I can say is, yikes.  Yo, I know I’ve gotten pretty doughy lately, but BOY HOWDY do I need to drop some serious LBS in a huge (no pun intended) way!!!!! Read more

Delayed Flight Mania

Delayed flights are always a fun time to share with strangers.  Especially when you’re all trapped in a tin can with wings on the runway for an hour. Read more

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Got to start packing (again).  Procrastination is my foe.  This time I pack to leave for Los Angeles.  Yick. Read more

We Found Our “Cheers”

All events yesterday lead to our end goal: we found our “Cheers”.  At least the Canadian version of it.  Which means, “Cheers” but a little off. Read more

Our New Summer Home

Yo-de-lay-hee-hooooo!!!  I don’t know why I just felt like yodeling, but I did.  Some things just can’t be explained.  Anyhoooo, Tuesday we moved into our new home for the remainder of the summer in Calgary (CowTown). Read more

Sh@#*&%t Canadians Say, Eh?

My eyeballs are burning from organizing Jeff’s tax receipts.  Fun times.  So I’ll leave you friends with this really hilar video about sh@#*&%t Canadians say.  Read more

Moving The Trailer

Oh?  You didn’t know?  Yes, Jeff also has a trailer.  A trailer, people!!!  God, help me!!! Read more