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Planting Bulbs????

I put all the question marks at the end of the title of this post because I have no idea how to plant bulbs.  Help!!!






Now that I’m not in Southern California anymore thinking about drought tolerant plants + succulents, my brain is re-training itself on Pacific Northwest gardening.  And I’ve come to the realization that I really don’t know squat about gardening.



Help me, Jackie Chan!!!!




I planted these bulbs earlier in October, because it is raining like heck in Vancouver now!!!  Plus, bulbs should ideally be planted in fall before the first frost.  Moving along……first I grabbed a ruler.  Because different bulbs need to be planted at different depths.

Then I grabbed me some bulbs.

I was going to plant them in a container.  I realized that the container didn’t have a drainage hole.  I tried to drill a hole.  Epic fail.  Grrrrrr.  When I get my heart set on something, it’s gotta happen + it’s gotta happen NOW!!!  I GOTTA PLANT THESE BULBS!!!!



I maniacally ran around my yard + aha!!!  Perrrrfect.  The ugly corner next to the stairs leading to the front door!




















I started viciously ripping away at the flimsy looking grass with a hoe.  You wouldn’t believe what I was finding in there!  Beer bottle caps, broken glass, sequins, etc.!!!  You would’ve thought a raging party happened + everyone who attended this rage-a-thon just stood in that one. little. corner.


Then I took garden edger + pushed it along to create a line separating my beautiful bulb bed from the riff raff ugly grass.













If y’all don’t know what a garden edger is/looks like (cuz I didn’t know what it was before I met Jeff) here it is:











Then I shoveled out what felt like a ton of dirt.





















Get yourself a tarp + put the shoveled dirt onto it.  Makes for a WAY easier clean up after!

Okay, let us pause for a moment.  Is this post causing you guys to fall asleep at your computers?  Because I’m boring myself!  I admit this is not one of my most thrilling posts, but we’ve gone to far now!!!  Can’t turn back!!!










Ummmmmmm.  Where was I???  Right.  Got my handy dandy ruler out to measure out a 6″ depth for the tulips + daffodils.

















Also, when placing these knobby little suckers in the ground, space them out about 6″ apart from each other.  Snooze….huh, whuzza??!!  Sorry, I fell asleep for a second there!!!





















Delicately sprinkle a good layer of dirt with your shovel over your precious tulips + daffodils.  Afterwards I ever so lightly stepped on the soil to help hold the bulbs underneath in place.  Next came the layer of crocus!
















This time, I made sure the layer of soil atop of the crocus was at least 2″ high.  That is the depth that crocus are recommended to be planted at.

After all this, my front yard looked like a gardening massacre had occurred.


And not to mention a stellar, blurry picture.  Not my best.

Well, I’m hoping that come spring, this little corner will be in full bloom!!!  If any of you guys out there reading this are gardeners + have any tips for me, I’d be really grateful!!!!  Let’s see what comes up this spring!!!!



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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    too bad, Nan, U could have used your Mum’s
    help in the Garden, hehe…lol !!!!! Late, Dad

    November 3, 2012
    • I know, she’s such the natural green thumb!!!

      November 5, 2012

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