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Helping Out a Zombie in Need

Even zombies need a hand once in a while.  Especially if that special zombie happens to be part of your family. Read more

How to Use Your Own American Phone in Canada

I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this simple solution for using my own iPhone in Canada.  Duh. Read more

How to Vote as an American Abroad

November 6th is coming up fast + furious, Yankees!!!  Every time I listen to one of the presidential debates between President Obama + Romney I think, “Oh crap.”. Read more

DIY Budget Composter!!!

Hey guys!!!  Excuse me while I get all DIY up in yo’ bizznaaaaaz!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I made myself an $18.99 (plus tax!) composter, for real!!!! Read more

It’s the Little Things

The major bulk of the painting is done – just a couple more rooms to go!!!  Read more

Painting, Caulking, Building…

Still painting!!!  But now Jeff is around to help me (do most of the work)!!!! Read more

Painting Tips

Interior house painting has commenced!  Finally!!! Read more

My First Canadian Thanksgiving

Gobble, gobble!!!  Gobble, WHAT????!!!!  Yes, my American friends – Thanksgiving is celebrated in October in Canada. Read more

Lynnwood Inn Closed for Business

Last Sunday Jeff + I had lunch at the Lynnwood Inn of North Vancouver – which would be the last day that they were serving. Read more

Why is it So Cold in Canada????

OMG, Canada.  Why are you so darn cold??? Read more