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Ha Ling Peak – Canmore

Cross Ha Ling Peak off my list of hikes!!!  Sensational, wowee zowee, insane hike!  Check it out! Read more


Edith Cavell Meadows – Jasper

The last installment of the Debbie-Shelli-Hiking-Extravaganza.  And what a way to end our Canadian Rocky trip!!! Read more

Wilcox Pass – Jasper

This hike is A-1 sauce, the bee’s knees!!!  One of the most gratifying little treks that you won’t regret! Read more

The Road to Jasper

Jasper is a wonderland that I consider heaven.  As we ventured towards the National Park, we made some stops along way… Read more

Taylor Lake – Banff

Heyooo!!!  Back to Shelli n’ Debbie’s hiking adventures!!! Read more

Lake Agnes Teahouse – Banff

Hey y’all!  Into the Canadian Rockies for the next bunch of posts!  And it’s going to knock yo’ socks off! Read more

Canmore On

Canmore is a town very close to our hearts that was also hit hard by the flooding.  But last weekend we returned to our beloved Canadian Rocky town! Read more

State of Emergency – Calgary Flood 2013

Hey everyone I’m back.  The loss of the internet due to the flooding + our following camping trip = a lapse in blog posts. Read more

Prairie Paddleboarding

Who would have thought that we could find a perfect spot to go paddleboarding in the prairies?  Read more

Boundary Bay Regional Park

When the sky is blue in Vancouver…..OOOOWEEEEE!!!!  You hightail it outside!  Boundary Bay Regional Park here I come!!! Read more

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Today my new friend Michelle took me for a hike in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  Oho, a new friend you ask?  Yes!  Read more

Waterton Lakes + Head-Smashed-In

Aaaaaaaah, Canada!!!  Let me drink from your streams!  Wade through your crystal lakes!  Wander through your prairies! Read more

Utah to Idaho to Wyoming to Montana

What a serisous whirlwind week!!!!  Four states in four days!!!! Read more

Still in Utah

This morning we got up at 5:30am to get an early start on Zion National Park.  We’ve been logging about 5 hours of sleep every night for the past 5 days.  We’re running on fumes to say the least. Read more

Cottage Culture

Hi everyone!!!  I’m completely + absolutely enjoying my Canadian immersion!  Over the weekend Jeff + I went out to Steve + Liz’s Cabin/Cottage.  Everyone on the West Coast (west coast is the best coast) calls them cabins, but east coasters call them cottages.  Steve + the Fayles are East side so they always refer to it as the cottage.  Sorry for the tangent, MOVING ON!!!!!

This has been my third trip to the cottage – located on the Sunshine Coast on Sakinaw Lake.  Canada is plentiful with lakes.  Cottage culture is huge since the summers are so short (regard my last post – Seasonal Affective Disorder, y’all) + Canuncks know to party it up with boating, canoeing, inner tubing, wake boarding, swimming, diving, paddling, water skiing…need I go on?

First, is the hour long BC Ferry trip from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.  Then, it is an hour long drive up the Sunshine Coast to where Steve + Liz’s boat dock is. 










We usually grocery shop in Gibsons + pack up the boat tout suite! 



The girls are old pros.  Old pros.








It was surprisingly hot + so Keiko + I went swimming when we got to the cottage.  Keiko loves to get in the water + yell, “I’M SWIMMING!!!!!!!!”.  And we both get really psyched. 


















The next day was also warmer than we thought it would be so Jeff decided to get the party started by jumping off the boat house roof as he is want to do.  The girls always have to have their life vests on when they are near the water.  Auntie Shelli is learning alot of child safety the past couple of months.








I’ve done this jump before.  It’s a lot higher than you think once you are mid air.  It hurt my ears when I hit the water – I’m not a fan.



The girls love to yell, “Again! Again!!!”.  This picture cracks me up because I didn’t use a fast shutter so I only caught Jeff’s legs right after he jumped off the roof.  Doesn’t it look like muppet legs dangling from the top of the frame?!  Hah!




Daddy’s girls.  Awwwwww!!! 










So irresistable!!!  This picture reminds me of my sister + I.  Cuuute.  Buuuddies.





A couple pictures Keiko took with my camera.  Not bad, eh?  Eh!!!!  Canuck Transformation commence!!!







Then, we did some work laying wood chip as a path from the dock up to the cabins. 










The water is exceptionally clear, clean + oh so refreshing!!!  There’s nothing like it!!!










After swimming, Keiko + Steve started a bonfire.  Check out the determination on Keiko’s face as she’s fanning the fire!  Keiko + Tobin are two of the hardest + most tireless workers I know.  If they ever teamed up, they will be CEO + VP of a multi billion dollar corporation + I shall work for them. 














View of the cotttages (we stayed in the smaller one – the “honeymoon suite” as Steve called it) from the bonfire pit. 




Enjoying some brewskis + vino.

















Last year’s picture from the deck!!!!  Vintage!







Grilling dinner!










Sakinaw Lake past dusk.  Ah, serenity!












The next morning of our departure was crazy downpour.  We managed to catch a break + quickly dash out to pack up the boat + take off!!! 











View from the ferry.  Oh, Canada.  Sigh.