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Mingling with Eagles

Hey-oooooo!!!!  Canada is full up to the brim with bald eagles!!!  Brackendale is the hang out spot for bald eagles on their winter vaycay.  Read more

Adjusting to Grey Vancouver

My eyes!  They burn!  Oh wait, I would be saying that if it was bright out.  Which MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT in Vancouver!!!! Read more

Nikkei National Museum + Cultural Center – Vancouver

Konichiwa!!!  Nikkei Center is Vancouver’s largest Japanese Canadian Cultural Center + museum! Read more

Hockey Lockout Over – Time to Sing???

Huzzah Canucks!!!  Celebrate!  After a 113-day lockout, hockey is back on the ice!!!! Read more

Lululemon Warehouse Party – BC Place 2013!!!

Aisles + aisles + aisles of Lululemon ON SALE!!!!!!  AND IT WAS GOING OFF, PEOPLE!!!!!! Read more

Science World – Vancouver

SCIENCE RULES!!!!!  Science World ROCKS!!!!!!  Ch-ch-ch-check it out! Read more

Lululemon Outlet – Vancouver CLOSED

LULULEMON OUTLET, Y’ALL!!!!  Vancouver’s pride + joy!!!!  Indulge! Read more

Santouka Ramen – Vancouver

Let’s go eat ramen in Vancouver!!!!!  Yum, yum, yummerrrrrrsssss!!!!!! Read more

Gastown + East Van

Hello one + all!!!!  Come join us as we walk our way around Vancouver’s hip (do people still say hip?) destinations for some snap-your-fingers hepcat coolness!!!! Read more

2013, Right On!!!!!

Happy New Year, y’all!!!!  Here’s a brief recap of 2012 + an amazing start to 2013 with a traditional Japanese meal!!! Read more