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Lake Agnes Teahouse – Banff

Hey y’all!  Into the Canadian Rockies for the next bunch of posts!  And it’s going to knock yo’ socks off! Read more

Rocky Mountain Living

On weekends Jeff + I are lucky to experience what life would be like living in the Canadian Rockies.  Aaaaah, what a life! Read more

Date Night

Sunday, I officially deemed Date Night.  Weeks of moving, packing, unpacking, hauling, lifting, shoving, driving + organizing, were really getting to me, + I straight up demanded it!!! Read more

The Big Score

Hey all!!!! One week from today, Jeff + I will be in Hawaii!!!!!

Yesterday was another day of editing the storage garage.  It was not as harrowing as the day before.  We were in a groove.  We were making progress.  Look at our happy faces.  GO TEAM, GO!!!!!   We shall laugh in the face of adversity!!!!

I look like a midget for sure in this pic.







Look at the lame smile on my face in this pic.  I’m one of the least photogenic people you’ll ever meet.  Just ask my dad.  As a cameraman, my dad has wasted years of his life trying to get a good picture of me at family functions.  My mom is one of the top 5 photogenic people on the planet.  I’m trying to emulate her charming smile but it’s clearly not working.










Example: here is the master at work.  Effortless.










Jeff really has some gems in that garage.  I’m actually getting excited about the idea of trying to swindle the Japanese market into buying all of his Americana at top dollar, y’all.  I’m all about the greenbacks.



Jeff + Pee Wee.





I scored big time yesterday.  Big time.  It is my compensation for all the pain + suffering Jeff is putting me through.  Oh, and I just would like to say to all my costumer sisters + brothers out there that thank god I’m a costumer, because Jeff + I were that more efficient, because it what we do at work.  I was bagging, tagging, sorting, taping boxes + lifting.  You 705 folks know what I’m talking about!  Represent!!!  And thank god I lift weights.

Score #1, #2, #3









Score #4






Score #5










Score #6









Score #7








And this is for you ladies!!!!

Score #8!  A picture of Jeff with John Hamm!!!  HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Hotties time 2!!!!




So after working for 6 1/2 hours with a 20 min lunch break Jeff + I headed over to Karen + Kyle’s for a bbq.  Yaaaaaay!!!!  SAVE ME!!!!!  Here’s Rudy the rudester the king of all canines. 








This is Karen + Jeff.  Look at all the turquoise on Karen!!!  A woman after my own heart!!!  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Canadian ladies, I tell ya.  Natural beauties.













I went inside to say hi to Juna + her friend Zoey.  I was promptly sushed because it was nap time for the babies.  Geez, ladies!!!  Point taken!!!












This is how Canadians play with kids:










This is what they transport kids in.  Take that, Los Angeles moms!!!!









The menfolk playing with the babies.  As it should be.  Look at the decor in the house!!!  Karen has an amazing eye + is a self taught interior decorator.  Her style is a mix of modern + ethnic with mid century pieces thrown in.  This house should be featured in an interior mag!!!  Stat!!!!













Here’s Kyle at the grill.  Canadians know how to party!!!  Look at all that meat!  Look at Jeff’s face.  Definition of anticipation.








Speaking of party, we all sat in the backyard + enjoyed some wine + spirits.  All in all, good times were had.  That’s why this morning was slooooow going.  Jeff dropped me off at Budget rent a car.  Remember my hooting + hollering about being compensated?  Well, guess what?!  They gave me the same mini SUV from Friday at a discounted rate of….wait for it…wait for it….$29.99 a day!!!!!!  That’s right!!!!  I was really appreciative.  Even the girl who was helping me was shocked at my discount.  That’s how I roll!!!!!!

So, what happens when I’m not feeling so hot?  Yes, folks it’s Banff time.  Check out my parallel parking skillz: 








Uh oh.  It’s another Alberta fashion bomb: 











Had lunch at the park + read an interview about Rihanna.  Very life changing.  Did I go to the Banff Indian Trading Post again, you ask???  Need you ask???!!!  Drool.








I also visited the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.  It is a well curated museum of Bow Valley history + art. I’m a little obsessed with Norman Luxton.  He was known as “Mr. Banff”.  Mr. Luxton was a newspaper publisher, philanthropist, outdoor enthusiast + friend to the Stoney Nakoda natives.  He is also credited with putting Banff on the map as a tourist destination.  Another important note: Luxton founded the Trading Post + the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum.  If you regard this photo, you’ll understand my love for Norman Luxton. 





The current exhibition is “Women Adventurers in the Rockies”.  I was very inspired + wish I had learned to alpine climb, shoot + fish at a young age.  This amazing buckskin was worn by Mary Schaffer Warren – an artist, photographer + explorer.  I thought it was very unique in it’s turn of the century detail + I would definitely like to replicate it one day.

Bye for now!!!

Oh, Banff

This morning I woke with a crazy sore throat + general feeling of malaise.  I had a feeling it was creeping up on me.  Canada is very warm, cold, warm, cold.  And it probably didn’t help that yesterday I walked from the cabin to downtown Canmore in the rain.  Thus, I decided to take it easy today + be a tourist in Banff.

Banff is only a 15 min drive from Canmore.  This is not a very exciting photo, but I just wanted to show everyone what it looks like when I step outside the door.



The little black car in the photo is my rental car.  Cute, non???






There were ALOT of slowly driving confused tourists in Banff.  So I quickly parked near Bow River + hopped out of my vehicle.  The bridge was built in 1923.  The pictures do not do the color of the river any justice.








After eating lunch by the river, my first stop was to the Banff Indian Trading Post, of course.  I shopped there my first time in Banff as a recommendation from my then friend, Jeffrey Fayle.  This is also where he bought my Salish eagle engagement ring.  And it’s also where Jeff used to sell his leather goods when he was White Owl.  It is a very magical place for me.


















Readers, you will be shocked when I tell you that I did not buy anything from the shop.  My restraint was world class.  But, I’ll probably go back!!!!  Then it will be a bead purchasing massacre!!!!


After being in the Trading Post for 6 hours I went in to the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum









It had a great collection of beading + pow wow regalia.  But, there were really low grade, ghetto life size reinterpretations of Native historical + cultural events.  But you all know I actually love that kind of stuff.
























Here is Banff: 











There were so many Asian tourists in Banff, I fit right in.  There are so many Japanese tourists that many of the souvenir shops have Japanese written on their signs :  









Anyways, sorry for the relatively boring post.  I’ll feel better tomorrow.  Oh, here’s a couple pics from last night.  Karen + Kyle had some friends over + invited me to dinner.  Aren’t they nice???  I wish I took a picture of the spread!  They barbecued chicken, steak, lamb + yummy purple potatoes + roots!!!!








Look at that Juna!!!!  Isn’t she a live wire?!  She is a hoot!!!!!

Ta ta everyone, until tomorrow!