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Vancouver Museum Hopping

Sorry for the massive delay in posts!!!!  Jeff + I have been hop, hop, hopping around to a bunch of Vancouver museums, while Jeff’s dad was in town since he is an avid lover of the arts! Read more

Vancouver Gets Artsy Fartsy

Vancouver’s got an art scene, y’all.  Jeff’s dad has been visiting, so over the weekend we went gallivanting over to the 16th annual Eastside Culture CrawlRead more

Delicacy in My Front Yard

I’ve got crazy expensive mushrooms growing in my front yard.  Read more

DIY Succulent Terrariums

Yes, yes, yes.  There are endless posts already written + photographed about DIY succulent terrariums.  But I really don’t care.  Because I had fun doing it, so I’m going to write yet ANOTHER post on DIY succulent terrariums.  So there. Read more

Never Pay Full Price

Jeff + I are HUGE believers in never paying full price when it comes to home decor, clothing….pretty much anything.  If you have the patience, take the time to keep your beady little eyes out for what you need + aren’t completely set on having the exact look that you saw in the magazines, you can achieve what you desire for A LOT less. Read more

Four More Years!!!!

Four more years!!!!!!  Did y’all get to watch the other night’s election coverage??? Read more

Random Fall Moments

November hath arrived!!!  I don’t know how.  But it has, people.  What have you been up to this fall??? Read more

Planting Bulbs????

I put all the question marks at the end of the title of this post because I have no idea how to plant bulbs.  Help!!! Read more