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Posts tagged ‘DIY’

Are Canadians All Lumberjacks – How to Split Firewood

Canadians are all lumberjacks.  Well this lumberjack is gonna show you the easiest way to split wood!  Read more

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!  I hope there were easter egg hunts, family time, Cadbury creme eggs + fuzzy bunnies!!!  As for Shelli + Jeff….. Read more

Hallway Makeover!

HALLWAY MAKEOVER!!!  Yeeeeah!!!  Get excited!!! Read more

DIY Succulent Terrariums

Yes, yes, yes.  There are endless posts already written + photographed about DIY succulent terrariums.  But I really don’t care.  Because I had fun doing it, so I’m going to write yet ANOTHER post on DIY succulent terrariums.  So there. Read more

DIY Budget Composter!!!

Hey guys!!!  Excuse me while I get all DIY up in yo’ bizznaaaaaz!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I made myself an $18.99 (plus tax!) composter, for real!!!! Read more

It’s the Little Things

The major bulk of the painting is done – just a couple more rooms to go!!!  Read more

Painting Tips

Interior house painting has commenced!  Finally!!! Read more