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Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival 2012

Last Saturday night was the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival.  A mid-autumn celebration of the moon + bountiful harvests!!!  Since this is my new neighborhood, I really wanted to get out there + hang with my community! Read more

House in Limbo

Hello, house.  It’s been awhile.  I sure missed ya. Read more

Farewell Funny Family

Back in Vancouver, y’all!!!!  Back + forth, back + forth, back + oh, you get the picture.

Read more

Canucks Down South!!!!

Yesterday my mom + I took a drive down south to Encinitas to visit our Canadian friends Steve + Liz in their new home in dreamy Encinitas!!!! Read more

Goodbye, Things! See You in Washington!!!

This morning the moving company came to take all of my things (belongings, stuff, junk, material burdens, accumulations) awaaaaay to faraway Washington to store while I await the Canadian immigration process!!!!  Goodbye, things!!!!! Read more

Taking Care of (More) Business…..

“Business” meaning more boxing + packing in preparation for Washington.  I really should apply for a job at a moving company or at Crate + Barrel….in their warehouse. Read more

Officially in Our New House!!!!

Woo-hooooo!!!!  Hoooooo!!!!!!  I’m so excited I had to add some more hoooooo!  Jeff + I have finally moved into a place of our own!  It only took a year of marriage to accomplish! Read more

The Drive!!!!!

Hola, Vancouver!  Que tal??!!!!  I’ve got to catch up on posts – we arrived in Vancouver on Sunday + since then it’s been nut balls busy!!!! Read more

I’ll Miss You, Alberta!!!!!

This morning we leave for our drive to Vancouver.  I will really miss Alberta – I’ve really grown to love it!!!!  A LOT!!! Read more

What Keeps You Going?

Last night in Calgary for the summah!!!!!!  I’ve been up since 3am because my brain is going bazonkers + there’s too much to do before we leave Alberta!!!! Read more