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It’s Come To This

I miss Jeff a heckuvalot.  This long distance thing is getting really old, really fast. Read more

Happy Birthday, 80!!!!/Oh, Wait – What?!

Happy Birthday Adi-chan!!!!  Today is the birthday of one of my best gal-pals from high school!!!  Oh, what times we’ve had! Read more

Blue Collar Costumes

Everyone thinks that working in costumes is glamor, sparkly ball gowns + couture.  What they don’t realize is, it can be back breaking with all the lifting, heaving + shoving + it’s dirty!   Oh yeeeeeah!!!!  Bring it!!!!!  That’s the part that I LOVE!!!! Read more

Juicing Is Not Recommended For The Mentally Unstable

Yes, it’s 24 hour juice fast time.  It is not a pretty scenario, people. Read more

Good-bye, Valentine

Jeff left to go back home to Vancouver today.  Yes, we are married + still live apart.  Yes, we STILL haven’t turned in our immigration paperwork.  Yes, I know, I know whatarewewaitingfor.  I’ll tell you what: immigration paperwork sucks big time.  That’s what. Read more

Inspiration LA

Inspiration L.A. is the brainchild of one Mr. Rin Tanaka of Japan.  It is a vintage + Americana “convention” of sorts that Jeff + I attended over the weekend at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Read more


After celebrating at Bishop bowling alley the night before, the next morning was slow goings.  Read more

Big On Bishop

After the 2 sweet weeks in Lancaster last week, work trucked us on up to luscious Bishop.  Bishop is situated in Owens Valley – a 5 hour drive from smoggy ol’ Los Angeles.  Read more

Goodbye Dear Antelope Valley


Lancaster.  What a surprisingly fun time I had living there for 2 weeks.  Read more