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Living in Lancaster

I’ve been put up in a hotel in Lancaster for work.  Jeff has accompanied me to this high desert outpost.  Aaaaaah, the Antelope Valley.  Many quirks + hidden gems in this eccentric town.  You just have to be curious enough to find them. Read more

Southern Cali Fiesta (pt.2)



Part two of Discover Los Angeles!  Last weekend, Deb + Canmore Karen were still visiting from gloomy, chilly Canada. Read more

Southern Cali Fiesta (pt.1)

Yes, the time had come for the annual Deb (my most awesome sister-in-law) + her best friend, Canmore Karen girls’ weekend.  Sans les enfants.  That’s French for, “ain’t no kids included”.  Where did they choose this year for their destination?!  Los Angeles!!!!  Woooot for me!!!!  I love sharing the city I love to people who appreciate it!!!! Read more

Mood Meter

Jeff is still in town + this week we were determined to overhaul my parents’ house + organize my Canada boxes.  It’s been a real chore. Read more

I Miss Little Tokyo

Yesterday, Jeff + I ventured to the neighborhood of my very recent, past residency – Little Tokyo.  It felt so weird visiting the neighborhood that I once lived in for so many years. Read more

Desert Rats (pt.3)

The final installment of the trilogy that is….Desert Rats!!!!!!  In the last episode we found our newlywed couple climbing atop + ambling around the folk art majesty that is Salvation Mountain.  In this episode, our twosome make their way up to the infamous Bombay Beach. Read more

Desert Rats (pt.2)

Hello all!!!  Sorry for the delay of Desert Rats part deux.  In our last episode (post), we found our adventurers (Jeff + I) making their way around the bleak, expanse of the deserted, questionably scented Salton Sea. Read more

Desert Rats (pt.1)

Hello all!!!  Posts have been delayed due to many factors.  Read more