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I Miss Living In Little Tokyo/Downtown

Hi everyone!!!  Now that work is winding down, I have the energy to venture out of my house in the valley + not act like a Hobbit.  The drive to Little Tokyo where I used to reside for 4 years took me an hour in the car.  Yay, Los Angeles! Read more

It’s My Party….

Hey!!!!  It’s almost Friday!!!  This past Tuesday was my birthday + I was celebrating at work as only a costumer would… Read more

The Power Of Baby

After a long, rough week at work, I was feeling pretty beat down yesterday.  But, spending time with one of my best gal pals + her 11 week old widdle baby boy was the best cure for a decrepit soul. Read more

So, You Think You Like Clothes….

So, you think you like clothes, fashion, shoes, etc.?  This will squash those dreams for anyone.  Read more

Thank You, Mike Kelley

Today, I visited MOCA on Grand Avenue, especially to see their special exhibit tribute to Mike KelleyRead more

I Hate Pilot Season/More Complaining

Sorry for the absence in posts.  I’ve been feeling too downtrodden + lackluster as of late.  Ohhhhhh, poooooor meeee.  I’m going to call myself a waaambulance. Read more

The Joys of Escape

Aaaaah, I suppose it’s an awakening of sorts.  “Coma Shelli” as a friend endearingly coined me is no more – sort of.  Read more

Random Pop Culture…..May Pang?

May Pang, anyone?  May Pang?  As I was researching 1977 fashion for work, this curious picture popped up on Google images. Read more

Tools For Work Efficiency

Do you want to know what kind of instruments I have lined up for this week’s workload in costumes?  Safety pins, scissors, sewing needles? Read more


TGIF.  No other four letters could spell out more.  All of you poor working bastards will know what I mean + everyone is feeling it right now. Read more