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Posts tagged ‘Hell on Wheels’

Recreation Baby

A first of many summer events for Langdon!  First baseball game, first swim (all by himself – read on to see how!) + more! Read more

Angel Baby

Grandma calls Langdon her angel.  It’s been nothing but amazing times since she’s been in Vancouver to help with the baby. Read more

The Cavalry Has Arrived

Mom + Dad are in town – I am alone no more!!!  I am saved!  Thank the stars!!! Read more

What’s in a Name?

Langdon Takehiko David Fayle.  Itsa lotta mouthful (say in Italian accent)!!!!  Whatta name!!!  A name with significant meaning… Read more

Pack It Up

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin… Read more

Hell or High Water – Calgary Stampede 2013 Day 2

Indeed, my friends – there are more Stampede antics to cover!  Giddyup, let’s go!!! Read more

Buddy Emergency

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re non-speaking buddy is sick + you have no idea why. Read more

Jane’s Walk + Tommy Guns

Saturday was a beautiful day to take part in two Jane’s Walks to learn more about Calgary + urban development.  How do submachine guns fit in?  Well read on! Read more

Getting to Know You

Hey Canadian Foothills…it’s nice to meet you.  It’s been kind of like a first date, getting to know my new hood for the summer. Read more

Going on a Hiatus!

A view of my little slice of hell!  Yep, packing up AGAIN!!!  It’s season 3 time for “Hell on Wheels”…. Read more

I’ll Miss You, Alberta!!!!!

This morning we leave for our drive to Vancouver.  I will really miss Alberta – I’ve really grown to love it!!!!  A LOT!!! Read more

Did You Watch the Hell on Wheels Season 2 Premiere???

Hey everyone!!!  “Hell on Wheels” Season 2 premiered last Sunday on AMC 9/8c!!!!!!  I hope you watched it with rabid ferocity! Read more

Our New Summer Home

Yo-de-lay-hee-hooooo!!!  I don’t know why I just felt like yodeling, but I did.  Some things just can’t be explained.  Anyhoooo, Tuesday we moved into our new home for the remainder of the summer in Calgary (CowTown). Read more

Moving The Trailer

Oh?  You didn’t know?  Yes, Jeff also has a trailer.  A trailer, people!!!  God, help me!!! Read more

Mall Walker

When in Rome, they say!!!  As I am in Calgary, what have I been up to?  Walking the malls, don’tchaknow!!!! Read more