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Nikkei Centre Mochitsuki 2012!!!

KONICHIWA!!!!!!!  I love me a good mochitsuki ceremony!!!  Being of Japanese heritage, the mochi making ceremony that is traditionally held around the New Year is a special event for me. Read more

Le Marche St. George – Vancouver

Oh la la!!!  Mes amours!!!!!  Come join us on our jaunt to Vancouver’s hidden gem, Parisian cafe – Le Marche St. George!!!! Read more

Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy holidays to everyone!!!  J+SHoliday2012








Did you know that every year Queen Elizabeth delivers a Royal Christmas Message at 12pm for all of her commonwealth subjects?????Queen Elizabeth Christmas Speech 2012

The Queen gives a summary of the highlights of the past year + what not.  I say!!!!!Queen Elizabeth Christmas Speech 2012

Indeed!!!!  It’s so interesting living in a country that is part of the commonwealth!  These traditions are all so new to me!

The first televised Christmas Message, broadca...

The first televised Christmas Message, broadcast in 1957. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Merry Christmas!!!!  Hope everyone’s winter season has been filled with love, family, food + lots + lots of fun!!!!!  And to all of my amazing friends in Los Angeles (and Debbie in South Korea!) – I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!



Goodbye on Christmas Eve

Wow-y wow wow wow.  My mom, my sis Ashley + I packed in so many fun activities while they were visiting me in Vancouver! Read more

Shopping, Art + Water Taxis

I’m really enjoying showing my Los Angeles family around my new home – Vancouver!  Read more

Vancouver Christmas Market 2011

Hello Christmas season!  This morning we woke up to snow in Vancouver! Read more

Showing Angelenos a Canadian Time

The Nishino ladies have arrived in Vancouver safely!  That includes my sweet cat Megumi!!!! Read more

Angeleno Family Visit to Vancouver!!!!!

Yahoo!!!!!  Tomorrow my mom + big sis are arriving in Vancouver from Los Angeles for a visit!!!! Read more

Vancouver – Britannia Mine Museum

Overdue post on a MUST VISIT museum in Vancouver – Britannia Mine MuseumRead more

OMG, Canada – Shearling Coat Wearing Monkey Found Wandering Around Canadian Ikea

I’m going to start a series called, “OMG, Canada” because there are some things that happen in this country that make me go “Whuuuuu???!!!!” Read more

CBC Open House – Vancouver Lives Here!!!

Heyooooo!!!!!  Today was the 26th annual CBC British Columbia Open House + Food Bank Day! Read more

Throwing a Luau!!!

ALOHA!!!!  What better way to escape Vancouver’s cold + rain than to bask in the warmth of a luau!!! Read more