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Trailers, Shipping Containers + Catnaps

Heyoooo!!!!  Time is quickly running out on us!  We have one week left in Calgary! Read more

We Have a House….More Packing!!!!

We have a house in Vancouver!!!!  A rental, mind you – but nonetheless an entire house!!!! Read more

Heritage Park Historical Village

Canada’s largest living history museum!!!  This place is NO joke, history buffs!!! Read more

A Long Way to Go

Hey everyone!  Jeff + I still have a lot of sorting + organizing to do by the end of the month! Read more

How to Renew + Expedite a US Passport in Canada

There are many grey matters that are concerned when one is an American in Canada.  What is the protocol? Read more

Did You Watch the Hell on Wheels Season 2 Premiere???

Hey everyone!!!  “Hell on Wheels” Season 2 premiered last Sunday on AMC 9/8c!!!!!!  I hope you watched it with rabid ferocity! Read more

Vancouver Apartment Hunting + A Birthday

‘Allo, ‘allo!!!!  Boy, I am really lagging on the posts lately, eh?!  Jeff + I had a pretty rough time apartment hunting over the weekend in Vancouver. Read more

Work + Play + More Work

A friend of ours asked, “Do you guys ever relax on weekends?  It seems like all you do is chores.”.  Read more

Lethbridge Road Trip / Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens

I LOVES me a road trip!!!  My new Canuck buddy Michelle + I took the 140 mile (225km) drive down to Lethbridge for some good ol’ Southern Alberta sight seeing! Read more

Weekend Paddle in the Rockies

Je m’excuse for not posting recently.  Pure negligence is the only excuse I can offer!  Or possibly it could be because I was seduced over the weekend by the Canadian Rockies!!!! Read more