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Sh*t Americans Say to Canadians

I’m putting my stamp of approval on this video as an American!  You will not believe how little Americans know about Canada! Read more

Living in a Gypsy Adult Dormitory

No, I didn’t enroll in gypsy college!  But I am taking some courses! Read more

Rocky Mountain Living

On weekends Jeff + I are lucky to experience what life would be like living in the Canadian Rockies.  Aaaaah, what a life! Read more

Prairie Paddleboarding

Who would have thought that we could find a perfect spot to go paddleboarding in the prairies?  Read more


Hey y’all.  How was your Victoria Day long weekend?  Jeff + I spent ours wandering around our neck of the prairies. Read more

Road Trip with your Cat

Stuck in a car with a cat for hours on end.  Sounds horrible doesn’t it?  Well, here come some Tips Ahoy!!! Read more

Target (Finally) Arrives in Canada!

You Yankees are going to be like, “A post about Target???  She’s completely lost the plot!”.  Oh my dear friends, you can’t even know how deprived I’ve been… Read more

Dress Up Lobster Fest

That is a weird title for a post, but I can’t really describe it any better!  Sounds like a lot of fun to me! Read more

Buddy Cole – I’m Canadian

Hello friends!  My brain is like a bunch of fried eggs today, so I’m going to leave you with this gem. Read more

Our Summer Lake

We’ve found a country summer lake only a 15 minute drive away – thanks to Google Earth + Jeff’s spunky ways. Read more

Jane’s Walk + Tommy Guns

Saturday was a beautiful day to take part in two Jane’s Walks to learn more about Calgary + urban development.  How do submachine guns fit in?  Well read on! Read more

Random Country Observations

Get ready for a whole lot of country randomness.  With a ton of rhinestones thrown in the mix. Read more

Getting to Know You

Hey Canadian Foothills…it’s nice to meet you.  It’s been kind of like a first date, getting to know my new hood for the summer. Read more