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Alberta Fun with Baby

A visit to Heritage Park, baby rock climbing, sitting by the fire – Canadian style!  Seeing Alberta through Langdon’s eyes! Read more

Shine On Award

Wow!  Thank you to tkmorkin from Bite Size Canada for nominating me for the Shine On Award! Read more

Four More Years!!!!

Four more years!!!!!!  Did y’all get to watch the other night’s election coverage??? Read more

How to Use Your Own American Phone in Canada

I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this simple solution for using my own iPhone in Canada.  Duh. Read more

How to Vote as an American Abroad

November 6th is coming up fast + furious, Yankees!!!  Every time I listen to one of the presidential debates between President Obama + Romney I think, “Oh crap.”. Read more

The Drive!!!!!

Hola, Vancouver!  Que tal??!!!!  I’ve got to catch up on posts – we arrived in Vancouver on Sunday + since then it’s been nut balls busy!!!! Read more

A Long Way to Go

Hey everyone!  Jeff + I still have a lot of sorting + organizing to do by the end of the month! Read more

Weekend Paddle in the Rockies

Je m’excuse for not posting recently.  Pure negligence is the only excuse I can offer!  Or possibly it could be because I was seduced over the weekend by the Canadian Rockies!!!! Read more

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Today my new friend Michelle took me for a hike in Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  Oho, a new friend you ask?  Yes!  Read more

Southern Alberta Circle Tour Weekend

Circle Tour?  Is that a Canadian saying?  I’ve never heard it before meeting Jeff!  Over the weekend we did a “Southern Alberta Circle Tour”. Read more

Delay in Posts

Hi everyone!!!! I am having supermajor annoying technical difficulties with wordpress. Right now Jeff + I are in Montana. I hope to figure out soon what in the hey is going on so I can post all the fun we’ve been having! Miss everyone!!!!

Handy-Dandy Sites About Canadian Immigration

Immigrating to Canada from the United States can make you feel so very alooooooone.  Like no one has ever done it before in the history of the earth. Read more

Calling All Art Critics

A post of randomness.  Random posts.  That’s what happens when Jeff is in Canada + I’m in the United States. Read more

Emotional Eating

Yesterday I went to my much needed physical checkup + got a weigh in.  All I can say is, yikes.  Yo, I know I’ve gotten pretty doughy lately, but BOY HOWDY do I need to drop some serious LBS in a huge (no pun intended) way!!!!! Read more

We Found Our “Cheers”

All events yesterday lead to our end goal: we found our “Cheers”.  At least the Canadian version of it.  Which means, “Cheers” but a little off. Read more