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How to Renew + Expedite a US Passport in Canada

There are many grey matters that are concerned when one is an American in Canada.  What is the protocol?







Where does one go to renew a passport in Canada as an American citizen?  How long does it take?  How many phone calls am I going to have to make before I pull my hair out + how many minutes will I be put on hold before I get the answer I’m looking for + lose my mind?  Where do I go + what will be required of me?

This is me practically every day on my computer trying to do research on these matters.







Well, let me tell you – it took me many phone calls, wasted minutes on hold + Sherlock Holmes style tenacity to renew + expedite my passport.  This post will hopefully save you some unnecessary agony.



-First, Google the United States Consulate General in whichever province/city that you’re located in.  For example, I’m currently in Calgary, thus:



-Book an appointment vite, vite!!!  And I mean vite, because spots fill up very quickly, so you must plan ahead because you may have to wait for 2 weeks for an appointment!



-Next, go to the Passport sections of the U.S. Embassy of Canada’s website.  There are different forms to fill out according to whichever category you fit into.  I filled out a DS-82 form, which is for Passport renewals since I want to get a new passport with my married name!



-In my case, since I wanted my new passport in my new married name, I went to get my marriage certificate notarized or some places call it a “true copy”.  Means the same thing, peeps.

-On the day of your appointment:

a)  have your filled out form

b)  your old passport

c)  at least 1 passport photo

e)  your credit card, money order or cash for $140.00 (that is the total fee for the passport, a passport card ((handy for driving across the border)) + the expedite fee).  Here’s more information on passport cards.

f)  a pre-paid xpress post envelope with the address of where you would like the passport delivered

g) notarized marriage certificate (if applies)



-Oh, yeah + literally DON’T BRING ANYTHING except your documents + money with you!!!  I had to walk back to the car FOUR TIMES because first they wouldn’t let me in with my purse.  Then, it was for my cell phone.  Then, it was my electric key fob.  Then, it was because of a software CD in my notebook.  I was about to freak out on the security guard, which would have been a really smart thing to do.  This place was like the pentagon, yo!!!  I have a problem with people in uniforms.  I obviously also have a problem following directions + signage.










-Once you go through the security gate, wait until your name is called.  When your name is called, you will be brought inside where you go through a secondary security check, take off your jewelry, belt, etc.



-Then, the security guard will hand you a number/letter.  You will sit + wait until your number or letter is called.



-Once your number/letter is called, it’s easy going from here, folks.  The embassy employee will review your documents, + take your hard earned money.



-After that, you will sit down again + wait for someone to “interview” you.  The interview is nothing more than a confirmation of what you need to happen – don’t get all freaked out on me.


It’s a lot of waiting, so give yourself ample time to sit in a crowded room with anxious looking people.  And maybe consider buying some Emergen-C  to drink afterwards so you won’t feel all germy. 


Now, the BIG QUESTION.  How long till you receive your expedited passport???  ONLY TWO WEEKS, MY FRIENDS!!!!









I cannot stress this enough: BE PREPARED BE PREPARED BE PREPARED!!!!!!!  Have all your documents in your hot little hands, the right amount of dough + you are good to go!!!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Go on, skip on down to the nearest US consulate + get yourself a renewed + expedited passport!!!


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  1. hiroko nishino #

    good advice, shel.

    August 18, 2012
  2. Thanks Mom! It’s a long process!

    August 21, 2012
  3. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    OMG what a major Pain in the Rear
    Nan, i hope the 2 weeks comes true!!!!!

    August 22, 2012
    • It DID Dad!!!! The passport was mailed back to me so quickly!!!!

      August 22, 2012
  4. Mark #

    Will they accept a pre-paid X-press Post envelope purchased in Canada? I would think that the passport will be mailed from the USA, they will require US postage…

    June 26, 2017
    • I’m so sorry to respond sooooo late! Yes they will accept a pre paid envelope purchased in Canada. That’s what I did! I hope it worked out for you!

      November 19, 2017

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