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Posts from the ‘Our House’ Category


Preparing for baby, running around + trying to get the house in order… Read more

Making a House Your Home

It’s so important to love where you live + surround yourself with objects that make you smile.  If not, you make it so! Read more

Living in a Gypsy Adult Dormitory

No, I didn’t enroll in gypsy college!  But I am taking some courses! Read more

One Can Never Have Enough Books

Between the two of us – Jeff + I have a ridiculous amount of books.  Luckily Jeff is handy enough to build us a bookshelf to wrangle the majority of them! Read more

Hanging Up Pictures

Together Jeff + I have too many framed pictures, but we’ve had fun putting them up + I love an adorned wall!!!! Read more

Paper Management – How Do You Deal?

Do you live with a creative type?  Are you unsuccessfully swimming in a house full of papers + bills that threatens to take you into the deep depths of  it’s rip tide? Read more

Hallway Makeover!

HALLWAY MAKEOVER!!!  Yeeeeah!!!  Get excited!!! Read more

Throwing a Luau!!!

ALOHA!!!!  What better way to escape Vancouver’s cold + rain than to bask in the warmth of a luau!!! Read more

Delicacy in My Front Yard

I’ve got crazy expensive mushrooms growing in my front yard.  Read more

DIY Succulent Terrariums

Yes, yes, yes.  There are endless posts already written + photographed about DIY succulent terrariums.  But I really don’t care.  Because I had fun doing it, so I’m going to write yet ANOTHER post on DIY succulent terrariums.  So there. Read more

Never Pay Full Price

Jeff + I are HUGE believers in never paying full price when it comes to home decor, clothing….pretty much anything.  If you have the patience, take the time to keep your beady little eyes out for what you need + aren’t completely set on having the exact look that you saw in the magazines, you can achieve what you desire for A LOT less. Read more

Random Fall Moments

November hath arrived!!!  I don’t know how.  But it has, people.  What have you been up to this fall??? Read more

Planting Bulbs????

I put all the question marks at the end of the title of this post because I have no idea how to plant bulbs.  Help!!! Read more

DIY Budget Composter!!!

Hey guys!!!  Excuse me while I get all DIY up in yo’ bizznaaaaaz!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I made myself an $18.99 (plus tax!) composter, for real!!!! Read more

It’s the Little Things

The major bulk of the painting is done – just a couple more rooms to go!!!  Read more