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A Most Wonderful Vancouver Fall Season!

This has been THE BEST fall season I’ve ever experienced in Vancouver!








Due mainly to the fact that there has been so many sunny days + blue skies!  And in addition, we are huge Halloween fans.  Here’s little Langdon on October 2nd all geared up + ready for Halloween…

No joke, this boy goes through multiple costume ideas all year long.  Just waiting for Halloween!

Our visit to the pumpkin patch was greeted with more blue sky!

Of course we all dressed up like farmers!  We are costumers!  Any chance to dress up + WE ARE THERE.

I mean seriously, can you even???

And when we say, yeelow-yip-i-o-ee ay!!!

I truly, truly adore pumpkin patch pictures.

Aaaaaaand heeeeeere’s Langdon Fayle, with his prize winning pumpkin!  Congratulations, young man!

After the pumpkin patch I always look forward to stopping by the dahlia hut, based on the honor system!

Canada, you sure can be charming when you want to be!  OMG those dahlias!!!

Oh yes, Thanksgiving in Canada is in OCTOBER, people.  NOT November.  Here’s my turkeys before Thanksgiving dinner at their uncle’s loft.

We did a couple trips to the beach this fall.  I love beaches in fall.  Cold, crisp, empty + blustery!

Making fall leaf angels – hey Lang!  Watch out for your wee sister!

Our preschool threw a pumpkin patch fundraiser, which this vampire family attended.

It was a smashing success!  A bake sale, spooky surprises, games + face painting!

In other news, little Clementine is tottering along on her run bike, while Langdon is gearing up for the Tour de France on his pedal bike!  Straight from the run bike to pedals!  He never used training wheels!

Another weekend we rode the gondola up to Grouse Mountain.

It’s pure alpine fun.  But boy howdy, is it windy + chilly up there!  I was recovering from a cold + really should have just worn a down sleeping bag + hibernated in a ditch.  Whatta view, eh?!

My moody, sensitive, willful boy.

Jeff took the kids to work one day to wrap up Sonic the Hedgehog.

I think they had fun.

Just a little bit of fun.

Then….the moment we had been waiting for all month long.  Halloween!  Trick or Treat!

Clementine went as a Bat Princess.  I made her dress, headband + wings.  At the last minute Langdon changed his mind + wanted to go as a werewolf instead of Dracula.  So he wore his wolf hat + tail that I had made for him two years ago!

It is so adorable to watch them knock on doors + hold out their little pumpkins, anticipating their candy.  Langdon was on A HIGH!!!!

That’s enough sugar for you, buddy.

Well, that was everything that happened in October!  I can’t even get into all the fun stuff we did in November!  Another reason for skipping a November blog post is because in a couple days we fly down to California to see family.  How my heart aches thinking about the devastation of the fires.  It will be a somber visit to my home state when I look upon the blackened, charred hills.

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  1. Tina Herring #

    Love seeing Langdon embracing all the fun of dress up and costumes! I think he would make a perfect “Max” from “Where the Wild Things Are”!

    November 19, 2018

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