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Posts from the ‘Moving’ Category

Ups + Downs + 40 on Grouse Mountain

Emotional roller coaster.  A very very intense past couple of weeks! Read more

We’re In!!!

Saints be praised!!!  Jeff + I are officially moved into our new house!!! Read more


Yes, still moving + trying to fit in some fun time in between!  Because moving = painful.  And I need to slack off!!! Read more

Notes on Moving…

Moving again!  Here’s what we’ve been up to lately… Read more

Vancouver, We’re Baaaack

What a week, people.  What a week.  Moving is hell…. Read more

Pack It Up

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin… Read more

Living in a Gypsy Adult Dormitory

No, I didn’t enroll in gypsy college!  But I am taking some courses! Read more

Our Alberta Homestead

We are still settling into our little condo in Black Diamond Alberta!  Moving is NEVER a pleasant experience but when you get a couple oxen like Jeff + Shelli, we git ‘er done! Read more

Goodbye, Things! See You in Washington!!!

This morning the moving company came to take all of my things (belongings, stuff, junk, material burdens, accumulations) awaaaaay to faraway Washington to store while I await the Canadian immigration process!!!!  Goodbye, things!!!!! Read more

Taking Care of (More) Business…..

“Business” meaning more boxing + packing in preparation for Washington.  I really should apply for a job at a moving company or at Crate + Barrel….in their warehouse. Read more

The Drive!!!!!

Hola, Vancouver!  Que tal??!!!!  I’ve got to catch up on posts – we arrived in Vancouver on Sunday + since then it’s been nut balls busy!!!! Read more

What Keeps You Going?

Last night in Calgary for the summah!!!!!!  I’ve been up since 3am because my brain is going bazonkers + there’s too much to do before we leave Alberta!!!! Read more

Rip Van Winkle Better Keep Sleeping

Rip Van Winkle is the story of a man that slept through the American Revolutionary War.  When he awoke, he was old + gray, his wife + friends had passed away + he had been asleep during the entire war.  Read more

Time to Rewind

Huzzah!!!!!  This is a week to truly celebrate!!!!  In a mellow, non-party like + zen manner!!!  Tuesday, my renters moved into my condo + Wednesday was the last day of shooting!!!  It is time for me to straight up chillax like a pampered house cat!!!!  Read more


Today was really rough, I’m not gonna lie.  Luckily my mom + dad came to help my poor, broken soul with cleaning out the condo.  How else could I have done it?  My bones felt like they were made of shark cartilage.  Read more