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Vancouver Summer Visitors 2018

Oh wait, what?  It’s fall, you say?  C’mon…






Seriously, c’mon – it’s not fall already, is it???  Well the way this blog operates around here, sounds about right!  About two blog posts per season!!!  Haha! 

July was a busy month – visitors back to back!  I LOVED IT!!!!  My niece Ambur was first to arrive from Toronto.  Here’s some highlights.  Freaky Capilano Suspension Bridge.

These two are best buds.

I love to make fun of my niece because she’s a teen.  And teens are always on their devices.  And always on Snapchat.  So I would bust her every chance I could get.  Even at Ikea.  Love you, Ambur!

A couple minutes from our house in North Vancouver is Lynn Canyon.  We are very fortunate + lucky!

We picked Salmon berries…

And played in the secret little creek that’s perfect for kids.

And of course we always go to Whytecliff Park when Ambur visits because it’s so gorgeous + PNW.  Clementine loves to give kisses!  And Lang loves to run from them – even though he secretly loves it.


I can’t wait to see these two cousins as adults together!  Having coffee together?  Phone calls?  I would love for Clementine to lean on her cousin for advice + support!

We are always sad to see cousin Ambur go!  And then in a few short days after her departure, Hurricane Isabella came into town from the suburbs of Los Angeles!  My wee niece is a powerhouse!

Here she is wreaking havoc at Fujiya, the best Japanese market in Vancouver!

We also took the ferry for a trip to Bowen island.  Baby Isabella was not happy at first…

Her cousins were VERY concerned.  On the other hand, I was highly amused.  Check out my unsympathetic laughter in the reflection of the mirror.  MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

The florist at Artisan Square could not resist this petite little caramel + gave her a dahlia.  Oh she is irresistible!

Off to the lighthouse.

And the quick ferry home with these little gnomes, only 6 months apart!


Isabella rocked out at a summer music festival organized by Jeff’s brother at Trout lake.

And this mini Stevie Nicks was FEELING IT!!!  She loves a loud music festival!  I’m in trouble.

The whirlwind of activities was crazy fun, but come August we were super exhausted! 


We enjoyed our visitors!  So MORE VISITORS PLEASE!!!!  The more, the merrier!  Thanks for checking in + reading!  I’m hoping to post more often since Clementine has been sleeping better + I’m less of an insane zombie.  Adios for now, until we meet again!

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  1. Ashley #

    I’m exhausted just reading this post! We had so much fun in sunny Vancouver and Hurricane Isabella is such a fitting nickname for her! Did Jeff let you keep that fan btw? Love you!!!❤️❤️❤️

    October 7, 2018
  2. Ken ( DAD’s) #

    Fun was had by ALL, good stuff, Shell’s !!!!!!!!

    November 3, 2018

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