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Big On Bishop

After the 2 sweet weeks in Lancaster last week, work trucked us on up to luscious Bishop.  Bishop is situated in Owens Valley – a 5 hour drive from smoggy ol’ Los Angeles. 

Bishop is directly east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, so it is surrounded in natural resplendence!!!!  At night, when I arrived at the hotel with my work pals, Jeff had already set up camp in the hotel room.



This is what awaited me when I stepped into the door.  This is Jeff’s “Gentleman’s Pose”.

Hotel glass mug full of wine, y’all.  Passing a fine evening on the veranda.  It’s been so amazing having him on location with me!!!!!

Dinner was mucho mas shocking mounds + heaps of Mexican food. 

The next day work was not unbearable, because I was devouring the outdoors + the stupendous vistas!!!!

We were working at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory where HUGE satellite dishes study star formations + cosmic microwave background – whatever that means.  I didn’t have enough time to stalk the manager of the observatory (who had a decent moustache) to squeeze some technical information out of him.

Halt!  Apparently, tours can be arranged – hello, I’m SO coming back!!!!!!  Nerd alert!

We were all feeling super psyched that day to say the least.  We were jumping up + down like a bunch of crazed fools!

To life, to life, l’chaim!!!!!!  Floating aliens.

Who’s the Asian alien in a babushka???  Now that’s just weird.

After work, the boys wanted to burn a hole in their wallets.  Yes, everyone male + female alike love to shop, except Shelli who is now speaking in the third person.  Here they are, losing their minds over deadstock western wear.  I am not disclosing locations due to the territorialist nature of hoarders.

That night, we all celebrated our last day of shooting at the Bishop bowling alley!!!!  Expect no less!  Big hair + trucker caps only need apply!!!!!  OHHH YEEEEAH!!!!  Bring it!!!  I felt like I was in an episode of “King of the Hill”. 


Except, the live human version.  It was awesome.







The next day Jeff + I moved about as slow as a couple of garden snails ifyouknowwhatimtalkingabout.  Stay tuned for more on our sobering drive home to Los Angeles.



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  1. mom #

    Hi Shel,

    Those 4 persons pictures are so funny. You guys were excellent jumpers; ha ha ha ha huh !!!!
    I am tired of laughing.


    February 7, 2012
  2. omg i would totally go on the observatory tour with you!
    …if i were still in LA 😦

    and unlike most people, i’d actually understand star formations, microwaves, event horizons, 5th dimensions, theory of relativity, string theory, the force, and the schwartz!

    i miss my festival buddy!!!


    February 10, 2012
    • Man! What am I going to do?! No one is going to want to go to the Bishop Mule Festival with me this spring!!!! 😦

      February 13, 2012
  3. why explore space for aliens when you can observe all walks of life-forms at different festival?!?!

    February 18, 2012
  4. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    hoarders hoarders,…U gotta slow down ur S.O., Nanook, hehehe…LOL, luv, papi

    February 18, 2012

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