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Goodbye Dear Antelope Valley


Lancaster.  What a surprisingly fun time I had living there for 2 weeks. 

Aaaaaah, stupendous!!!!!  Beautiful desert sunrise at work.  I am so lucky to experience moments like these.  Only when you arrive at work at Edwards Airforce Base at 6 in the morning.


My buddy Cacey workin’ it in a 5 ton truck.  As you can see by her facial expression, she is very sad, y’all.  The desert is my home. It makes me feel aliiiiive!!!  It is not Cacey’s.  She needs glamour + beauty.  All I need is some dirt + rocks. 


Speaking of work, here is Jeff providing free labor making some earrings for me in the hotel.

Jack of all trades my Jeff is.  I shall call him Jack from now on.

At night we entertained ourselves by checking out the freak show at the 24hr Walmart.  When I saw this t-shirt I flipped my lid!!!!  It was as if whoever created it said to themselves, “Hmmmm, how would Shelli like to live her life everyday????  Yes, I know!  Surrounded by snuggling fluffy wolves + baby wolf pups in a beautiful forest, while holding a dream catcher!”.  Genius.  I would like to personally thank this t-shirt designer.

Pajama jeans in the “As Seen On TV” section.  Cacey + I secretly both want a pair.  Coooomfy.  Jeff does not look too sure.

We had to skidaddle out of Walmart real quick-like because it was becoming the witching hour or somethinglikethat.  The people in the store became freakier + freakier.  We were afraid someone was going to try + sell us crystal meth or shank us with a shiv.

Another thrift store find by Jeff.  Hoarder alert!

It’s kind of funny, because I had been staring at these flight suits all day at work.  We were near the airforce base, after all!  Well, I had a grand old time in Lancaster!  Can’t speak for everyone else on our crew, because I may have been the only one that loved Lancaster so much!  Stay tuned for more adventures, as we all made our way to yet further regions!!!!!




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  1. mom #

    grt blog!!!

    February 5, 2012
  2. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    OMG OMG OMG OMG, more stuff 2 take 2 Hong’Couver and more stuff temporarily in our goodness foresaken garage, urrgggh,…i hope U didn’t buy that T-Shirt did U, Nanook ????
    and Jack, in his his Flight Suit, is simply 2 ‘RAD’,..U 2 R just 2 freak’in amazing !!!!! Luv, papi

    February 6, 2012

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