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Dwell on Design

Jeff has arrived!  Thank you, “Hell on Wheels” for the two-week hiatus!!!!  Thus, the delays in posts….






Here is my dear husband’s arrival at LAX last Thursday!

Apparently, Anson Mount – the lead on “Hell on Wheels” was on the same flight as Jeff, but I think I missed him because my face was buried in my Kindle reading, “Game of Thrones”. 





Shucks, darnit!!!!  Sorry to disappoint you “HOW” fans!!!!  “Game of Thrones” is so engrossing!!!!





Friday we scurried over to the “Dwell on Design” trade show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Dwell magazine is a faboo resource for modern architecture + design.  And I mean faboo.









Amazing modern Lladro porcelain pieces.  Droool.

















Fashion.  So moderne.

Walking the floor.

Crazy, fold-up origami-esque chair demo.

Even crazier treadmill-table thing.  Oh, hell no – but those dudes have really tight buns.  Maybe they’re on to something…

Sooper cool, stream-lined outside fireplace by Modfire.


















Really expensive, but beautiful vintage poster art.

Uh-oh.  The new Airstream.  Jeff was beyond giddy.

You can dream, Jeff.  You can still still have your dreams.

Trippy, floating projections on air + moisture.  It made my head hurt just thinking about it.


















A great display of tables with the latest technologies in building, packing + textile materials.



















Oh look!  Someone is VERY tired.  Poor guy.  Hmmm, notice the blur of the hand?  That’s because someone was about to flash me a hand gesture of disapproval for taking their picture.

I LOVED this wall unit situation by Urbio.  Magnetic.  Interchangeable.

Ok, this is what I REALLY want!!!!  The Cricket Trailer!  Super drooooool!!!!!  Lightweight, pared-down, but lots of tricks + extremely smart design!

A cool lifestyle website called, Remodelista that had a handful of their favorite vendors.  I’m digging it.

On to the outdoor section.  At this point, I was truly starting to lose steam.  Crankiness was setting in.  Check out this awesome, but seemingly unpractical bubble house. 

Looks groovy, but it has to be constantly hooked up to a noise generator.  How un-romantic.  I wonder if John Travolta had to deal with that.









There were a few pre-fabs on display, but they were of surprisingly shoddy construction + we weren’t overly impressed.


Real nice Kohler display in a shipping container.

People really pee their pants over Jonathan Adler.  I personally don’t really get it.  His style isn’t offensive by any means, but it’s just a spin-off of retro.

Of course, another favorite booth of mine were the Sleepypods!  Luxury animal carriers!!!!  Why I do say!  I want one for my cat Megumi SO BAD.  It doubles as a bed + can be strapped into a car seat belt for safety!  Sold!!!!

This puppy was real.  That’s some good marketing, yo.


















Last, but not least, the O + G Studio booth.

Small world – Jeff was looking at their design brochure + saw a picture of the designers + realized he knew one of them from working on “Brokeback Mountain”.  I am so in love with their chairs.  So beautifully handcrafted.  Old timey, but so modern at the same time!  I want!!!!  Can you see the theme of the day was WANT????

After 4 plus hours of wandering the trade show I was more than ready to depart the building.  My eyeballs were about to fall out + my brain was a scrambly mess.  I’m definitely glad that we attended + would love to go back next year when we finally have a place of our own!!!!!

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  1. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Dwells Design Show is great, i’m taking Mum there next year,
    and Yaaah, best keep Jeffrey away from those Airstream’s,
    yah, doesn’t he already own a Trailer in Alberta !!!!???!!!!
    glad Jeff, had fun during his stay in LALA, Take Care, hope
    U drive safe, have fun in Las Vega’s, and Utah !!!!!!
    Luv, Papi

    June 29, 2012

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