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Blue Collar Costumes

Everyone thinks that working in costumes is glamor, sparkly ball gowns + couture.  What they don’t realize is, it can be back breaking with all the lifting, heaving + shoving + it’s dirty!   Oh yeeeeeah!!!!  Bring it!!!!!  That’s the part that I LOVE!!!!

To illustrate my point, here comes the 50 foot truck LOADED with heavy arse boxes for us to break down.

When I saw this behemoth backing up, it was like the Death Star moving slowly, but steadily towards me, with The Emperor waiting silently inside it, planning our demise.


Yes, no added dramatization here.  This is the true fear we all felt at the sight of this trailer.  We shuddered.  The earth shook.  It’s just me who added in the nerd factor of the Star Wars reference.








Here is my fantastical pretty pony, Annie in her “practical” fashion coveralls.  Ready to tackle those boxes + get butch!!!!

Y’all, those boxes were FLOOR TO CEILING!!!!!  Floor. To. Ceiling.  And each box was packed to the gill + WICKED heavy!!!  Yes, I said “wicked”.  Trying to represent my east coast cronies.

Here’s Cacey performing Parkour around the boxes.  Now that’s skill.

For those of you who do not know what Parkour is, it’s running, jumping, vaulting + what have you…over, under + around city building structures.  Look into it.  It’s pretty amazing.

This is spine snapping work everyone.  Here we are taking a break + chilling atop the towers of boxes, probably discussing the dreamy John Hamm.

I specifically sought out batting gloves from a sports store over the weekend, just to prepare myself for unloading this truck.  This is because they’ve got grip + padding at the knuckles. Prime for hard labor!!!!  Raaaaaar!!!!  Youth size small for this chica!!!!

At one point during the day, I was emptying a box out, with Cacey nearby + I exclaimed, “Omigod, I’m so sorry!!! I just poured termite poop all over you!”.  It’s true, that statement seriously came out of my mouth.  Once in a lifetime!  I had poured swept up termite excrement that came from the truck, onto Cacey’s hands + arms.  Glamorous?!  Think again young ladies with lofty dreams of working in costumes!!!!  Think again!!!!!!!!!!

We cleared that sucker out in a day and a half!!!!  When I became exhausted, I would channel Sloth from the Goonies, because he was really strong: RAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!  My spirit animal.

Ta-daaaaaa!!!!  Proof of the empty truck!!!!  Mission accomplished!!!!!!

Manual labor is very satisfying for a task-master gal like me.  But, manual labor can tap out the emotional reserves of most people (including yours truly) + towards the end of the day, the team was ready to feed one to the wolves +/or tear out jugular veins.  It’s the adrenaline + despair that drives us.  Nevertheless, today we all felt extremely accomplished, + a lot of high fives + squeals of happiness were exchanged throughout the day.  Now that’s love.

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  1. kengo kenny ''papi'' nishino #

    Go Gurl,…good Job, kick’in sum butt, kudo’s 2 ur posse’ as well !!!!!!

    February 29, 2012

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