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Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival 2012

Last Saturday night was the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival.  A mid-autumn celebration of the moon + bountiful harvests!!!  Since this is my new neighborhood, I really wanted to get out there + hang with my community!





Unfortunately, Jeff had to work a six day week, so he was unable to attend.  At 14 hours a day, a six day week equals sucky time for poor Jeff.  But this didn’t mean that he didn’t put in some yard chores before work!

This guy is outta control, yo!!!  R-E-L-A-X, don’t do it!!!!

My lovely sister-in-law Deb, my nephew Matt + Deb’s sister Tammy came to the house – MY FIRST HOUSE GUESTS!!!!  I was so excited to show off “Sally” (my house is named after Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” because it’s sweet + all patched up). 

They brought me some tulip bulbs, which I can’t wait to plant + a gorgeous flower container filled with pansies + herbs!  Thanks, guys!!!  I love them!

It was a short walk from the house to Slocan Park where there was food, music + fanfare.  Here’s Deb, Tammy + Matt in line for harvest soup, gussied up yams, baked potatoes + of course, moon cakes!  We expected more Chinese inspired food, but maybe next year!  Hint, hint.  Oh yeah, + more trash cans + port-a-potties!!!

Num num nums!!!!!  I couldn’t WAIT to dive into this baby!!! 

A tender pastry exterior with a dense sweet bean filling.  Matt was psyched!!!!  It’s really refreshing to be around kids who embrance other cultures + are adventurous eaters!

I wasn’t sure whether or not the Moon Festival was going to be scary or amazing.  As in, “Wait a second, are we at the Renaissance Fair?”.  It was a little bit of both.  Either way, I knew there was going to be sensational people watching.

For example, the really large amount of people on stilts.  “Oh gurrrl, while I’m up here, can you help me fix my bra???”.

“Sister, I am so here for you!  Ain’t no mountain high enough!!!!”

Like, totally cosmic, magical, outta sight moon backdrop.  Mother-son-moon portrait. Awwwww!!!!

Mongolian Hill Tribe tourist portrait (Me).























As the gorgeous full moon was rising, the entire festival + their lanterns started the march towards the ravine.  Next year, we are all making lanterns for sure!!!!

Along the pathway, a slightly creepy but enchanting stilt wearing accordion player.

Fish head wearing revelers that were “swimming against the stream” of us folks heading towards the ravine.

They were wiggling their bodies around + saying, “Glub glub.  Glub glub.”.  Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I started laughing really loud + hearty.  This is where the Moon Festival borders on the scary drama-theater club periphery.

This guy was my FAVORITE part of the festival.  Bird Guy.  He flapped around like a bird, perched on things, stuck his head out like a bird as he walked.  He was actually really very good at it.  Here he is proudly + elegantly balancing on the fence post.

I was OBSESSED with him!  I caught him later + said, “I didn’t get a good enough photo of you earlier, can I take another?!”.  “Of course!!!” he exclaimed in a (possibly effected) British accent.

So amazing.  I loved him + his crazy ripped tights + bare feet.  He was really into it.  High school drama club for shizzle.

After a rather long walk, the masses descended into the ravine.

It was a bit of a kerfuffle with the large amounts of people trying to wind their way down the narrow, dark, silty hill.  And it was DARK, y’all.  I could just see the uptight peeps in Los Angeles crowing, “Well, this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen!!!!”.  Another reason why I’m not in LA.

We didn’t realize how much of a beautiful, otherworldly community art instillation it would be once we reached the ravine!

How Pacific Northwest!  The picture is very dark, but the lanterns are salmon rushing above the river.

Pacific Northwest Aboriginal canoe.

Matt curiously looking inside the lantern, casting a warm glow.

There were eco-conscious messages within the park as well.  Here is an installation about water conservation.  The “river”.

Within a grove of trees along the path, 5 musicians played Asian instruments amongst amber hued lanterns.

Towards the end of the path, a shape of a woman (goddess?) was wound to a tree up high with her arms wide spread.  It freaked us all out as we approached, because we thought she was a live person strapped to the tree.  The cold moon in the background.

Once we all reached the “main” festivites + came out of the wooded lantern pathway, we were all tuckered out.  There was more food + entertainment to be had.  We will all hopefully return again next year!  It’s a great cultural + artistic festival to share with kids!!!  And most deffo we are all showing up with some boss, hand-made lanterns!!!!  You know it!!!



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  1. Ashley #

    Thanks Shells for the blog on the Moon Festival! The theater people are a bit creepy but the lanterns are beautiful! 👍 Miss and love you! 😊💗

    September 30, 2012
    • Love you too! I think they would’ve scared you if you saw them in person. Not really your thing!!!

      October 2, 2012
  2. rocky nishino #

    Thank you for the photos of beautiful lanterns and they remind me of ” Nebuta Matsuri” in Aomori celebrating the good harvest and blessings.
    Deb and Matt look great, pls. say hi to them.
    Love you,

    October 1, 2012
    • I miss Japanese festivals!!!!

      October 2, 2012
  3. Deb Fayle #

    Thanks for the AWESOME evening Shelli!!! It was so much fun and definitely want to do it again next year – but with our own homemade lanterns. And we loved visiting you in your own home. It is so cute and your neighbourhood is fantastic – great community!

    October 1, 2012
    • Thanks, Deb! I’m so glad I had you guys to explore with! Our lanterns next year are going to ROCK!!!!!!!

      October 2, 2012
  4. Lizzzzz #

    Wow – It looks like it was a mystical East Van event! I love the mix of culture, community and Art – so fun and eclectic…
    Miss you all so much….xoxoL

    October 1, 2012
    • Mystical is definitely the word!!! We miss you too + thought of you often during the festival!!!!

      October 2, 2012
  5. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Ahh, that was fantastic, U had visitor’s 2 the new adobe,
    best 2 Deb & Geeko Whisperer, terrific photo’s, Nan, keep
    up taking kool pixe’s, man i want sum Moon Cake’s !!!!!!!!
    Miss U, Nan, and so does, Meg’s and Blue, take care, Dad

    October 3, 2012

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