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Goodbye, Things! See You in Washington!!!

This morning the moving company came to take all of my things (belongings, stuff, junk, material burdens, accumulations) awaaaaay to faraway Washington to store while I await the Canadian immigration process!!!!  Goodbye, things!!!!!




But the momentum has beeeeeen gooooooing a loooooot sloooooower than I would have liked.  Do you wannaknowwhyyyyy?????

At first, it was gung ho, onward valiant soldier, hey ho let’s go when I first arrived to Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, a couple of days after I arrived I became afflicted with a head cold which put me out for a couple of days.  Lifting + loading wasn’t in my schedule!!!!















Nothing too crazy, just a foggy-headed-stumbling-around type of cold.  Still, not very conducive when it comes to making decisions about whether or not to keep that 1960s era Spanish to English flash card set.

And yet….progression was to stall once again!!!!!  Dear readers, please believe me whilst I unfold this story of unfortune.


















As I was recovering from my head cold, I ingeniously decided to walk most unceremoniously down our stairwell carrying items in each hand.  Woe is the bearer of ill decisions!!!!!!

This poor decision caused me to tumble down the stairs + bang the back of my head pretty hard against the stairs!

BOOM!!!  Oh folly!!!!!  Cruel fate!!!!!

Since then I’ve had a dull headache for most of the day.  Jeff thinks I’ve lost some of my memory.  I have difficulty forming thoughts + definitely can’t express them without having to stumble over my words.  I avoid bright lights like Dracula.  When I overexert myself, afterwards I sit around + space out – like Forrest Gump.








I went to the doctor, + she just told me to chill out + take it easy because I’ll be “dingy” all week.  NOT POSSIBLE, DOC!!!  But I admire your moxie!!!

Besides all the physical setbacks, I was able to slowly accomplish all the packing that needed to be done.


















Megumi did NOT like all the activity.


















Finally, she surrendered + flopped over.  “Just let me know when it’s all over” she sighed.

Sidney was also extremely reluctant to give up his snoozy spots in the garage for the move.


















I used FlatRate Moving + I recommend them to EVERYONE!!!!!  They charge by the item – not by weight!  VERY affordable!  Anytime I had to deal with a representative on the phone, they were extremely professional + answered questions promptly.  AND they are the official movers for the LA Kings + the Clippers!!!  Heyoooo!!!!  The guys that came to pack were quick, efficient + super nice!  One of the guys was entertaining my mom + showed her PSY’s “Gangam Style” video.



I was like, “Mom!  Stop bugging the guys!  Let them work!”.  But she LOOOOVES an audience!!!!!
ZOOM IN!!!!!  Oh yeah, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Yo, my stuff went into an 85 foot truck!  My driver, Mike is from Guam + he is HIIIIILARIOUS + CRAZY!!!  We discussed the fine culinary merits of Spam together.  I now feel comforted that my things will travel to Washington safely, because Mike already felt like family.


















Here I am contemplating the enormity of the truck.

Move ’em out!!!!

Bye, stuff!!!!!!  I got a “honk-honk” from Mike!



A great weight had been lifted!  My dad as well was mad ecstatic to get his garage back!!!

SHAKA!!!!!!  Dad put on the cowboy hat in homage to Jeff!  Well, it’s been a long road!  I’m so grateful to have had my family along for the ride with all their immense patience, help, support + understanding they’ve given me throughout all of my wacky endeavors!!!  I love you guys!!!!!!


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  1. Ashley #

    Shells anyone reading this blog must think our family is so lolo but that’s what I love about us! Congratulations on packing up all your stuff!👍

    September 19, 2012
    • Our family is totally loco!!! Loco fun, that is!!!!! Thanks for all the support, Ash!!!!!

      September 23, 2012
  2. show your support for the El Monte lifeguards who were fired for making their “Gangam Style” spoof video at the El Monte Aquatic Center (i.e., vote on KPCC’s page that their firing was unjust!)

    September 19, 2012
  3. Sounds like a bit of a concussion – hope you feel better quickly! 😛

    Did you fill that entire truck with your stuff? And are you bringing Megumi back now? (I ask as my cat is literally draped around my neck like a large purring scarf…)

    September 20, 2012
    • I’m feeling much better now!!!! The truck was 85 feet! We only took up a 1/4 of it!!! No unfortunately I’m waiting to bring up Megumi when all the painting in the house + chaos is over!

      September 23, 2012
  4. Deb Fayle #

    Yahoo Shelli!! Way to go girl! Love the photos of each of your parents and their reactions to moving day:) Take care of that head Shelli … seriously.

    September 20, 2012
    • Thanks Deb! Woohoooooo!!!!! I totally have been taking it slow + feel much better for it!!!

      September 23, 2012
  5. Ooo-ouch! hope you feel better soon. That picture of the guy with the roll of toilet paper on his head….wow, now I think I really have seen it all, lol. I hate moving…I’ve been slowly taking things to storage….and from there it’ll go to either the Salvation army store, or the trash. It’s so hard to let go!

    September 21, 2012
    • Thanks! Downsizing really is difficult! I really admire people that live a minimalist lifestyle…..

      September 23, 2012
  6. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    it was freak’in amazing…a 85ft Tractor-Trailer, U did have
    a amazing moving crew and the driver, Mike, was a HOOT!!!!!
    U No, Mum will talk 2 the wall if it spoke back, hehe…LOL !!!!!
    ok, Shell’s, congrats 4 making this move, Cheers, Mahalo!!!!!!

    September 24, 2012
    • True…..Mom is a Chatty Cathy for sure!!!

      September 26, 2012

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