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I’ll Miss You, Alberta!!!!!

This morning we leave for our drive to Vancouver.  I will really miss Alberta – I’ve really grown to love it!!!!  A LOT!!!






But first, let’s go over a couple things that I WON’T miss.

The eco friendly washer + dryer in our apartment.  Nope.  Sorry.  Won’t miss ya.





“What, Shelli?!  You earth destroyer!!!” you exclaim.  I won’t apologize for the fact that I hate eco friendly washer/dryers.  This particular one you have to drag across the kitchen to hook up to the sink.  And the dryer takes HELLA long!!!!  Sayonara, green machines.









I’m DEFFO not going to miss the dreaded shipping container!!!!!

Oh, nuh-uh.  No sir. 

It’d be nice if we had that thing emptied out + transferred to Vancouver.  But that ain’t happening this year.  People are like, “Why haven’t you emptied that thing out yet?”.  Guess what?!  It’s 40 FEET LONG!!!!!!!!  THAT’S ALOTTA FEET!!!!  Plus, people aren’t factoring in that there’s also a small window of time to haul to Vancouver.  It’s called the Short Ass Canadian Summer.  I think that’s the official term.  It’s not a wise idea to drive a ton of stuff through windy mountain passes to Vancouver in the fall or winter unless you are an Ice Road Trucker.



I’m being dramatic.  But still…not doin’ it.





What I WILL miss!

The downtown Calgary skyline.

The Peace Bridge.



Paddling in Banff.

The prairies of Southern Alberta.


Hanging out with my new buddy Michelle, who I met through this blog.

Dinners with Karen, Kyle + Juna Bug (if you’re wondering Jeff is wearing Juna’s blankie as a cape for dinner).

And precious Jimmy.  I’ll definitely miss little Jimmy.

Thank you Alberta for taking such good care of me this summer!  I will miss the friendly Albertans, the big blue sky, the upbeat + young vibe of Calgary + the amazing beauty of the National Parks!  I hope I will be able to return again next summer when “Hell on Wheels” gets picked up for a third season!!!!!  Goodbye, Alberta!  I miss you already!

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  1. I’ll miss you too – it’s been so much fun! Travel safe, enjoy nesting in the new place, and I’ll see you next summer for more bloggable shenanigans…. 🙂

    September 2, 2012
    • I love me some shenanigans!!!!

      September 6, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    hey, Nan, watched ”Hell on Wheels” last nite, it’s a
    winner, U guy’s will most likely be back in Calgary,
    next year, boo’YAAH,…have a safe trip 2 Vancouver
    Take Care, C U soon, & The Latigo Kid, cheers, Dad

    September 3, 2012
    • I hope so, dad!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying “Hell on Wheels”!!!!

      September 6, 2012

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