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What Keeps You Going?

Last night in Calgary for the summah!!!!!!  I’ve been up since 3am because my brain is going bazonkers + there’s too much to do before we leave Alberta!!!!




I’ve been packing up this apartment for what seems like forevah.  Boy, we really nestled ourselves into this place!  Has it only been three months???  Insanity!!!  Jeff + I filled this tiny, cute apartment with more stuff than all get out!!!  I allow myself to believe that we have so much stuff because there’s two of us.  NAW!!!!  Who am I kidding?!  It’s because we’re PACK RATS, y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!








I’ve been pretty systematic + anal about the whole packing process.  I like to contain the mess – it’s probably a good thing that Jeff is at work + not helping me.  Jeff is a spreader outer (which drives me up the wall), while I like to make specific piles.  Oh, by the way tonight is his last day of shooting on “Hell on Wheels” Season 2!!!!  Huzzah!!!!  Labeled + ready to go, sir!!!!



If the room looks like a smoky, mysterious high priest’s temple that’s because I was lighting some incense…man.  I found a dollar store in Calgary that sells Nag Champa verrrry cheap.  No Angeleno hipster prices here!!!!













Controooolled chaos.  Controooooolled.  Just.  So.




















This scene here makes me a little twitchy.  I’m not gonna lie.

I spent a lot of my time spinning in circles.  When my friend Kim was at work on a stressful, overwhelming day I caught her spinning + uttering tiny almost inaudible little (what sounded to me) chimpanzee noises.  Oooo eee!!!!






This is my amazing pal Kim. She’s extremely high style + funny as hell.  I liken her to a Chinese Betty Boop.


















I found myself muttering a little chimpanzee throughout the day while sorting throught the piles, trying not to pull my hair out.  It’s been a challenge packing a tiny apartment that we’ve only been subletting for three months.  I couldn’t imagine doing this with kids running around.  Bravo, moms, bravooo!!!  But, mind you – this isn’t packing for normal people.  This is packing for hoarders.  Maybe I should write a book, “Hoarder Packing for Dummies”.  Hmmmm, I might be on to something….


Every time I’d get the packing + piles in a manageable condition that I was proud of, every single night of this week Jeff would come home from work + drag bags + boxes of more crap!!!!!





GAAAAAAAH!!!!!  SABOTEUR!!!!!!!!  CURSES!!!!!!!












But I SHALL NOT BE DEFEATED!!!  My steam engine pushed along.  I kept myself pumped up by listening to The Boss








The Pretenders










Let’s not forget trusty ol’ Katy Perry.

But what has really kept my spirits up was taking little breaks + watching “Adventure Time” on iTunes!!!!

My life has never been the same!  I don’t have a TV, but I discovered it on Cartoon Network when I was put up in a hotel for work.  Finn the swashbuckling boy?  Jake his magic stretchable dog?  Lumpy Space Princess?  Marceline the Vampire Queen?  Beat boxing???  This is the most inventive + hilarious cartoon series I’ve seen in a loooooong time.  Here’s a couple tidbits for y’all to become hooked!





Obsessed!  What helps keep you going?


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  1. hiroko nishino #

    You have collected so much there already that you don’t need to move all the boxes; not even one box, in our garage. I am praying that you take a rest and enjoy moving to your new house in Vancouver. You will find the new adventure there too.
    Shalom and Lv, mommy

    September 1, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    hey, Nan, well needless 2 say, ” Keep The Faith” girl, just
    think U will be in Vancouver, soon, hopefully!!??! by the way
    Happy Anniversary, take Jeff to Vij’s…1480 W. 11t Avenue,
    604-736-6664, take care, we miss U, cheers, Mahalo, Dad

    September 1, 2012
  3. Ashley #

    Shells your packing skills are amazing, I think you missed your calling and should have worked for a moving company 😜 Yoga and reality competition shows like Project Runway helps keep me going…I know so sad 😓 hehe. Can’t wait to see you and have dinner at Latigo!

    September 1, 2012
    • I SHOULD work for a moving company! I tried to convince Jeff that I should work for the transportation department for film here in Canada!!!!

      September 7, 2012

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