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Taking Care of (More) Business…..

“Business” meaning more boxing + packing in preparation for Washington.  I really should apply for a job at a moving company or at Crate + Barrel….in their warehouse.





Right now I’m in Los Angeles having a second look at all the goods I have stocked in my poor parents’ garage for the last 10 months.  I’ve come relatively unannounced  to sunny SoCal due to the fact that I’m only in town for a short while to weed out what’s really important enough for me to keep + what I can do without.

On Wednesday, I’ve hired a moving company to come + pack up all my worldly belongings for a drive up to a storage facility in Washington.  Since I do not have Permanent Residency or Citizenship in Canada (i.e. we have not turned in our immigration paperwork yet) I am storing my belongings in Washington where it will be close to the Canadian border.  When the day comes that my Permanent Residency is official – that is when I will bring it all across the border, kit + kaboodle, lock, stock + barrel.

Here is my mom proudly waving the Canadian flags!

You can tell she’s really not that excited about it.  I pretty much coerced her into the picture because my mom so very rarely denies a picture taken of herself.

I am her youngest child, after all – so she’s pretty heartbroken about the fact that I’m eventually moving to Canada.  Don’t worry, mums!!!!  Vancouver is only a 2 1/2 hour flight from Los Angeles!!!!  Fear not, mum – it’s so close!!!!!

This has all been an exercise for living with less.  What can I live without?  What kind of sentimentality does this item hold?  If I donate this, will I even miss it???  I try to imagine myself as a Zen Monk.  “I need no earthly goods….” I say to myself.  This rarely works.









Hey, what the heck?!  I didn’t know I was packing boxes with the Asian Mama-san Michael Jackson!!!!

My mom has taken a liking to this fedora that I was going to donate + insisted on helping me sort through the garage while wearing it.











To each his/her own.  I appreciate all the help I can get, no matter what form it comes in!

My OG rescue kitty Sidney comes to our assistance every day.  Yes, Sidney this is very boring + tedious – I know, I know.

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  1. hiroko nishino #

    My goodness, now I could see Sidney’s inside of his mouth after his vet took 6 cavities with expenses of $1,000.00. Poor Sid, he hardly has tooth!!

    September 17, 2012

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