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Jeff’s 2 Day Birthday Festivities Pt. 2

Jeff’s Birthday weekend, part 2.  Jeff is well loved. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND Jeff insisted all of his West Coast family (family also includes the Hoiles of course) to be together to celebrate his birthday, so for that to happen, we celebrated on Sunday.  The Hoiles had us over for the partay.  Tom, Deb, Matt, Tobin, Steve, Liz, Keiko, Hana, Benjamin + cousin Neil were all there! 



Appies, y’all!!!  Shaka!!!






Filet mignon + shrimp kabobs on the grill, yo!!!  Decadence to da max!!!




Now that is the way to party.  Veganism, goodbye.  Sorry, Charlie.




Here’s little button Hana using a remote control as a cell phone.  Ridiculously cute!!!!!!  Unbearable!!








The dinner spread!!!!  I kept instructing Keiko + Matt, “The Ta-Daaaa Pose!!!  The Ta-Daaa Pose!!!  Arms spread!!!  TA-DAAA!!!!”.  Like an obnoxious stage mom.






Jeff wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. What do you think of the caption? 45 IS a big deal!!!!  The zombie kid at Dairy Queen made me want to reach over to check his pulse, but I got a slight crack of a smile from him when he saw my ecstatic happiness when Isaw the cake.    Before the cakecame out, Matt, Tobin + I busted out the crown that we all collaborated on the day before with our sweat + tears.






Hana had to give the crown a whirl.  45???  Me thinks not.  A mere babe in the woods.  A wee bairn. Jeff is definitely a young-at-heart 45.











Okay, how many times does it take to wrangle 4 children into a semi perfect group photo?  Let’s take a count.



One.  Where’s Tobin?  Oh, there you are!!!






Two.  Do you like Hana’s Uncle Jeffrey moustache??








Three.  Uh-oh.  Things are starting to unravel.  Yikes.  Focus Hana, FOOOCUUUUS!!!!!  Tobin!  Matt!  What the heck!!!??





Four.  Jeff + Hana, come on!!!!  Keiko, kudos.  Always ready for a photo op. Well done.   Well done.




Five!!!!  Success!!!!  Oh wait, Hana + Keiko aren’t looking into the camera.  Oh well, as long as everyone is facing forward with their little faces towards camera, that equals done to me!!!










Oh hey, I know what’s going on here!!  I see the love gaze flowing between these two!!!!!   What the heck??!!! Alas, I always knew Jeff was Hana’s main squeeze, before I even met Jeff.  I digress. She’s always asking me, “Where’s Jeffy?  Where’s Jeffy??”








After cake, Jeff + Hana blissed out in each other’s arms.  They were so content, that they didn’t even notice the bright light of my flash. So cute!!!!!!!!  Buddies!!!  Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Lizzzzzzzzzzz #

    I love all of these Photos, Shelli! You are so funny and the best Auntie to all the kidlets – to match the very best Uncle!!! I hope all’s well in Cali – I wish we were there…

    October 5, 2011

      October 12, 2011
  2. kenny papi nishino #

    niiice Aloha shirt, jeff, again obviously U had another grand
    happi happi birthday with the rest of the clan,…is Sheilli, gonna
    eat bambi, …gawd i never imagined she’d go there, again ??!!??
    terrific photo’s, Sheill’s….U might have missed ur calling, HUH !!!!
    take care, gonna hit, Latigo Kid, tonite, hoot – hoot, !!!!!!!!

    October 8, 2011

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