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Jeff’s 2 Day Birthday Festivities

Who get’s to celebrate his birthday for an entire weekend?  Jeff does.  He’s 45 y’all.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1ST – Jeff’s actual birth date


A present from yours truly.





Tobin’s new chapeau.  All the rage with the kids.







Bent plywood magazine side table/stool!!!  How moderne!!!!








Later, I had Matt + Tobin help me with some decorations for Jeff’s birthday party for the next night.  It was a group collaboration, not without a couple creative differences.  We had to stop every once in a while + re-group with a board meeting.  Serious teamwork.










That evening, I took Jeff to Deep Cove to have dinner at a great restaurant called Arms Reach Bistro.  It was tasty + stylish without being pretentious – so very Canadian!!!!






We got into a little fight before we reached the restaurant.  Here’s me expressing my discontent in a very mature manner.





Jeff caught my very discreet expression + so I obliged him with a reluctant stiff smile.  Not bad, right?!






I couldn’t stay mad at Jeff!  He’s too cute!!!  We hugged it out after a little talking + we enjoyed our dinner.  We had a beef carpaccio appetizer (Canadians call it an “appie” as in a beef carpaccio appie – funny, right?) which I’ve never had before.  It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  OMG it was so good, like melt in your mouth good.












After dinner we went for a movie.  FYI, Canadian movie theaters really need a serious makeover.  Ever heard of stadium seating?  Surround sound???  Consider it, Canada!!!  They’re all pretty small + outdated + make me feel like I’m in middle school at the Janss Mall going to see Beetlejuice. 



I can’t wait for the Muppet movie to come out!!!!!  Oh, Fozzie bear, you charlatan!!





I wanted to go see Moneyball, but since it was Jeff’s birthday we went to see Ryan Gosling in Drive.  I mean, who doesn’t want to see a movie about baseball + statistics?!   Let’s just say Drive was highly lacking.  Jeff enjoyed it for some reason.  The actors were extremely good, but there was absolutely no character development + the storyline was majorly weak sauce.  When we got back to Tom + Deb’s, they were still up so we shared some bubbly to celebrate Jeff’s 45th year on the planet.  Tom just got back from a trade show in Europe + bought this perfect Mr. T shirt for Jeff in Spain.  Pity the Fool.  Pity the Fool.



What are we doing here in this picture?  I don’t know but it looks like a bunch of ballyhoo to me.  Stay tuned tomorrow for Jeff’s 2 Day Birthday Festivities Part 2.