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Senior Citizens Love the Bangles + Chaz Bono

While visiting my parents, as they were both futzing around in the kitchen, my mom bursted out singing, “It’s just another Manic Monday!!!” at the sink.  “Where did I hear that?  Why am I singing that?” she asked.  I’m thinking to myself, “Yeah, why IS she singing that?!”.  “Manic Monday” is a hit song from 80’s girl group The Bangles.  Why the heck would my mom randomly be singing one of their songs?





My dad replied, “Well, remember when they played that song on ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”.  “Oh yeah!!!!  Right!” mom replied as they BOTH started singing “Manic Monday”.  They’re so crazy.  I remember getting my Bangles tape in elementary school in my Easter basket.  HELLOOOOO!!!!  Ladies!!!  What about, “Eternal Flame”?!  Let us not forget!!!!  Middle school anthem!!!!!


Later, they watched “Dancing with the Stars” on DVR, (I guess cuz they got so excited chatting about it).  When Chaz Bono came on, my mom screamed, “Shelli!!!  Chaz!!!!!”. 














If some of you aren’t aware, Chaz Bono is Cher’s son.  Born Chastity Bono, as a female – he has just recently undergone gender reassignment + is now known as Chaz.  Look how proud Chaz looks in this picture!!!  I love it!!

My parents are so hilarious, this is what I am going to expect on a day to day basis once I move back in, + I will savor every detail!!!  I can’t wait!!!!!  Get it all in before I relocate to the Great White North!!!