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Mr. + Mrs. Jeffrey Fayle – Part 1

Hizzah!!!!  We did it!!!  We’re still alive!!!  We’ve made it!!!  We’re hitched!!!!  I’ll take you through an adventure to Wedding Land.  Please, come join me.


First things first – we HAD to get Jeff a haircut.  It was getting too shagadelic even for me!!! b I found an Aveda salon called Epic Hair because Jeff is fancy pants + needed a “stylist”.  They were tres bon, mes amis.  A fabulous man’s haircut for $25!!!  Bargoon (bargain) !!!!  Next door was TnT Burger truck.  Oh, how convenient!  Oh wait, what was that you said, again???  Burgers aren’t part of the bride diet????

Kaua'i Kapa'a 2011_1369Kaua'i Kapa'a 2011_1377

Next stop was the Kilauea Bakery + Pau Hana Pizza to choose our cakes.  I found them on Yelp!!!

Kaua'i Kilauea 2011_1378

Cake tastings + Jeff = so goofy.

We did some paddle boarding – here’s my most fabulous sister-in-law Deb.  She feeds us, gives me sympathy + the best advice.  If it wasn’t for her, I would probably tear my hair out one by one.  She really gets it all.

Kaua'i Anini 2011_1388

Kaua'i Anini 2011_1391

Kaua'i Anini 2011_1395

My brother-in-law, Tom + best man, Steve.  They are setting up the lights with minimal tools.  If there’s ever a rigging question, everyone always says, “Give it to Tom, he’ll figure it out.” Very handy, indeed.

This is when we skedaddled to Hanalei Farmer’s Market in search of flowers.  We bought ALL the flowers in the ENTIRE market, y’all.  And thank god for that because I would have been majorly boned if flowers were lacking.  Jeff + I were haggling + bargaining + wheeling + dealing like we were at a Thai street market or something.

Kaua'i Hanalei 2011_1415

This is Juan, a real bruddah.  Da kine.  Blessings.

Kaua'i Hanalei 2011_1414

There was a stand for Niihau shell jewelry + I FREEEEEAKED!!!!  Full on cold sweat, y’all.  I’ve wanted a  Niihua shell necklace for my entire adult life!!!!  For reals!!!!  Kahelelani are the tiniest and most prized of the Hawaiian shells that are sewn into leis.   Kahelelani are found in varying degrees on most of the Hawaiian Islands, but are most abundant on Niihau and Kauai.  These shells are so rare they are comparative to a semi precious gem + jewelry is commonly insured.  Jeff bought me a necklace + earrings for the wedding!  Can you say family heirloom???!!!  May Outzen made my jewelry + she was the sweetest lady ever!!!!!  Oh yeah, Lisa Bonet has been on the island + everyone’s been really psyched about it.  We saw her at the market.








Kaua'i Hanalei 2011_0475



Lisa Bonet in all her dreaded glory.







I just want to remember her like this:







We collected all the flowers from 5 different vendors + Jeff yelled, “We’re going to need all hands on deck!!!!”.  Wow.  Taskmaster.









That night we had a family dinner, merging the Fayles with the tiny Nishinos.  Here’s my brother-in-law Rob at the grill.  Beer in hand.  Oh yeah!!!!  This is how we roll!!!!!!!

Kaua'i Anini 2011_1403

Kenny first at the dinner table.  Surprised???  Hmmmm, no.  His body language is saying, “C’mon!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!”!!!!!!

Kaua'i Anini 2011_1406


Kaua'i Anini 2011_1407


Here we go, y’all.  I know this is the meat of the blog.  The day of was busy but I was so zen about everything because I was so freaking exhuasted out of my noggin.  Every other sentence that came out of my mouth was, “Yeah, okay cool!  Sure, sounds good!  Whatever you think!”.  Of course I started my day with “calisthenics”  as mother Jean calls them.  Then Ashley + my mom picked me up to get a dress for Ashley (last minute, much? runs in the family) + vases for the flowers at our new favorite place, Walmart.

Wedding Day September 4 2011_1422

We didn’t have time for lunch so we had a quick bite at Walmart’s McDonalds.  You’re all aghast.  I know.  In my defense, time + resources are very limited on Kauai!!!!!  Sue me!!!!  My mom is such a local, they didn’t have saimin (noodle soup unique to Hawaii) on the menu, but she asked + received.

Meanwhile, at the Anini house things were coming into effect.

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0828

Deb + Liz helped me do the flower arrangements, which turned out insanely gorgeous.  Future brides, it helps to have artistically inclined in-laws.

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1085


Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1083


Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1077








Okay, you’re all going to kill me because I am a tease + I just now decided to make this post a two parter.  I can’t even keep my eyes open with toothpicks right now, god help me.  You are all going to have to wait + see my wedding attire tomorrow.  Goodnight, sleep well everyone!!!!!!  Check in tomorrow!!!

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  1. love to see how the natives live, lisa #

    Hey dude! How about next time you shorten your love for Lisa Bonet and post your own pics??!??!! I KNOW what she looks like, thanks! Now, get on with it!!! 🙂
    xoxoxo congrats again!

    September 6, 2011
  2. alex #

    Ahhh! I think I recognize that house from Anini- is it near the big bend in the road?? BTE I’ve been on tenterhooks for the wedding pics and have been enjoying a vicarious vacaton thru y’alls so far so keep them pics coming!!
    xoxoxoxo am sooooooo happy for you!

    September 6, 2011

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