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Drama fo’ yo’ Mama

Every day has been full of surprises, let me tell ya.  Quick recap.  Monday was a realatively mellow day hanging around the small towns of Captain Cook.  Our view from Manago hotel room:  








History buffs rejoice – the Kona Historical Society Museum is well worth the visit!!!  It is set up at the foundation + the general store of the Greenwell family.  Henry Nicholas Greenwell was an English entrepreneur who came to Kona + is known to have established Kona coffee into what it is today.










Our tour was conducted by a very, very interesting + knowledgeable educator + guide, Ann.  She hung out in San Francisco in the 60’s, then moved to San Diego + has been on the Big Island for 14 years.  Groovy, man!  Inside the general store, we did an interactive tour of what it would have been like to shop in the store in those days.

Here’s Ann in her period costume.  Isn’t she cute?!  She had so much information about the land, the Greenwells + Hawaiian history that at the end of the tour, she became my hero + when I grow up, I want to be like her.                                                         








We returned to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau for sunset.  Jeff went snorkeling, but I was cranky + cold so I opted out.  Jeff said it was the best snorkeling he had done so far – turtles, large colorful fish, large coral!  Yeah, I missed out.





















As we left, we decided that Tuesday morning we were going to wake up early, come back to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau to go snorkeling before heading up north to Puako.  Well, that morning when we got to the car, guess what we found!!!!!




Jeff was flailing his arms, yelling, “SHELLI!!!  WHAT THE, WHAT THE, LOOK!!!! GO GET SOMEONE!!!!!”.  When he gets really spazzy, I become reeeealllly calm.  From what we remembered last night, there was a blue Ford parked next to us.  The moron was still in the parking lot!!!  There were blue scratches on our car, silver paint on his rear bumper – Jeff took measurements like a real detective.  The owner + Manago heir, Dwight helped us out so much, we called the cops, had witnesses who heard the loud crunch at night – we had it in the bag!!!!!  After running the license plate #, Dwight awoke the perpetrator who confessed to his crime.  He was a really nice guy who had Tlingit tattoo art all over his face + dreads.  To each his own.  Here’s the three guys working it out.  The cop was Dwight’s cousin.  Small island.










We went to Kona Airport to switch out cars which was a pain in the butt.  No snorkeling for us!!!!  We were so upset by the morning’s drama that what did we do???  Thrift!!!!  We encountered an AMAZING consignment shop near Costco called Sandra’s Consignment.  We made out like bandits!!!!  









OMG!!!  I almost forgot!  We drove down the marina, checking out all the fishing boats + as we were driving we spotted a HUMONGOID blue marlin hanging!!!!  It was so huge, I thought it was a fake – like the Jaws hanging at Universal Studios!!!!  We parked the car + RAN down with our cameras like crazy journalists!!!!  This thing was 850 pounds + took the guys 45 min to wrestle!!!  It reminded me of my dear old grandpa that I used to fish with, so I was really excited, out of nostalgia – but I kept asking this lady, “Isn’t marlin fishing illegal???  Wouldn’t you think this marlin is pretty old for it’s size?”.  She kept shrugging her shoulders + saying it was legal in resort towns.  Hmmmmm.  Well, my research shows that blue marlin stocks are low + most recreational fishermen/women do a catch + release.  So, it made me sad looking at this gorgeous, large dead creature who was probably so happy + majestic swimming around.  I’m not going to post any close up pictures of it now because I’m super bummed out.





Okay, are you ready for some more drama!!!!?????  We drove north to Puako to the rental house that we are to stay in for the duration of our honeymoon.  We arrived at night + it is my 70’s dream house with lots of wood, blue tile + wrap around porch!!!  This morning we awoke to the sound of the ocean right in front of the porch.  Guess, what?!  Around 8:30am this morning as I was writing this blog, we were unhappy to discover that there is construction going on right next door!!!!  Generators, tractor, jack hammer – AAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!  We are SO PISSED!!!!!!  Can you believe it?!  If you knew there was construction happening, why would you rent out the house?!  I called the rental company stat!!!!  I asked to be moved to another house or be compensated – they are going to call me back, so stay tuned………