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Mr. + Mrs. Fayle – Part 2 (aka “The Big Day”)

Sorry for the delay!!!!  It’s hard to post when there’s 21 people in the house.  I just want to hang out in the water all day, drink wine + sleep!!!!

After decorating the house, I went over to my mom + dad’s timeshare in Princeville to get ready.  This is how the Nishinos get ready for the wedding.  Watching the Kardashians + sleeping.  Nice guys, real nice.

Wedding Day September 4 2011_1426


Wedding Day September 4 2011_1428

As I was doing my hair + makeup my sister asked me, “Shelli, did you do a trial run of your hair + makeup?”.  To which I responded, “Nope!  I’m hoping it all turns out!”.  She was like, “You are so crazy!!!!!!!!”.  I’ve done crazier.

At the house, Pastor Niles Kageyama + his wife Eileen had arrived.  Jeff apparently was bossing people around while pointing + shouting.  Like an art director or something.

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0618

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0625

The boys + their ginger stalk torches

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0620

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1104

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0649


My cutie niece flower girl, Ambur.

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0848

Jeff + best man Steve.  Very affectionate, aren’t we boys???

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1109

Pastor Niles blowing the conch at the top of the ceremony.  Mom + mother Jean looking on bemusedly.  I wonder what they were thinking.  “Oh my! How curious!”  or “How very native!”.

The procession begins!!!!  Look at brave Tobin’s face!!!!  So earnest!!!





























Here comes the bride!!!!  I really don’t think I could have smiled any bigger.  Pastor Niles + Eileen played ukelele singing Hawiian wedding song, “Ke Kali Nei Au”.  I wish someone had taken a picture of Jeff’s face as I was walking down the aisle because his facial expression was priceless.

Jeff’s face looked like this:







Jeff + I were both so teary eyed during the ceremony.  My tactic for keeping it together + not bawling was to stare at the moustache wax in Jeff’s moustache.










Here’s beautiful Ashley in her Hilo Hattie dress.  My mom hand sewed the back to take it in + show off her teeny waist.  Doesn’t she look so tropical?!















Our brave ring bearers, Matt + Tobin.  Tobin was so nervous about it all day, but they both did an amazing job!!!  Ring pillows were made by my mom with vintage aloha fabric courtesy of the fabulously stylish Cacey Riggan!!!

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1129

Don’t you love Matt’s cool surfer dude long hair???

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1130

Pastor Niles delivered a warm + heartfelt ceremony.  Jeff + I were soooo happy!!!!  Here’s me clapping for ourselves.  So humble!!!

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0702









Husband + Wife!!!!!!

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_1162Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0715

























The Fayle-Downies








The Fayle-Hoiles







The Nishinos








My lovely + sweet caterers Ann + Catherine from Heavenly Creations – aren’t they pretty?!  If it wasn’t for Ann we would of had to barbeque or go out to a restaurant.  She saved me!!!!

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0773

Appetizers were the best poke we’ve EVER had + teriyaki beef skewers!!!

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0762










Dining al fresco, y’all!!!  If you look closely, you’ll see my mom bossing me around as I’m taking the picture, + Jeff throwing his shaka.

Luckily, with the combination of families, we had an arsenal of talented photographers.














Here is one of my favorite pictures.  Me with the Canadian Lady Posse.  Jeff said, “Why would you post that picture?!  Look at your facial expression!!!”.  Exactly.  Hilarious.















Dinner was better than I could have ever hoped for!!!!  Grilled Opah fish, chicken, jasmine rice, grilled asparagus, salad + okinawan sweet potatoes!!!!  I had seconds, y’all.

Wedding Day Sept 4 2011_0782

The cakes from Kilauea Bakery.  Mocha Macadamia + Lilikoi Coconut.  Doesn’t it look like Jeff + Rob are getting married?

Wedding Day September 4 2011_1442










What a perfect day!!!!  All the elements came together so seamlessly (except when I almost couldn’t find the marriage certificate in the morning) with everyone’s love, help + contributions!!!  Jeff + I were sort of winging it through most of the process, but we couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out!!!  I ended the night watching two back to back episodes of “Saved by the Bell” with Matt + Ambur + then ended passing out while Jeff hung out with the family.  Good work, Shelli!  I will post more pictures + thought throughout the blog about the wedding, but for now I’m signing off because I’ve been in front of the computer for an hour + a half, hunched over like an old crone.  Paradise + family fun are awaiting me!!!  I love you all!!!!

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  1. Kim #

    Oh my god Shells, just saw these! You look gorgeous! Congrats!oxox

    September 10, 2011
  2. Kim #

    Ok here’s yet another attempt to post here, let’s see if this one actually goes through!

    Congrats! You look absolutely gorgeous Ms. Fayle! Oxox

    September 10, 2011
  3. Dona Brennan #

    What great pictures. I feel like I was right there with you all. May the Lord bless your marriage and I pray you will always smile, laugh and enjoy one another like you did on this, your wedding day. Dona Brennan

    September 10, 2011
  4. co-captain #

    so i’m thinkin last fall? congrats captain! and you too shelli! have you thought through what exactly you’ve gotten yerself into you poor gringa? i mean that’s a porn star stash if ever i saw one! way to go you two. got nothin but love for ya both. like a bro, by.

    February 7, 2012
  5. jellybeanyee #

    Beautiful wedding photos, I can feel the joy and excitement there. You look lovely, I like the bird of paradise flowers too.

    March 13, 2012
    • Thank you!!!! I would do it all over again!!!! I miss Hawaii!!!!

      March 16, 2012
  6. Meagan (Curran) Weiss #

    Beautiful wedding, Shelli!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!

    April 28, 2012
    • Thank you so much!!!! Your wedding was beautiful as well!!!! Nice to hear from you!

      April 30, 2012
  7. Oh wow, those pictures are GORGEOUS! My stepdad was Hawaiian (passed in 2008). He and my mom had gone to Maui and the big island a few times. You look absolutely stunning! I love the dress! I’m Dutch Indonesian (with Chinese, German and French thrown in the mix) and my husband is pure Dutch ancestry, but 100% Canadian 🙂 however I was born in the Netherlands and can speak Dutch with his European relatives, ha! He cannot, so now I’ve got him a little jealous and he wants to get Rosetta Stone to learn Dutch 😀 I think he wants to know what we are talking about when we chatter on in a language he cannot understand. 🙂

    The weather on the day of your wedding looked perfect! I love the pic of just you and Jeff with the ocean and clouds (5th from bottom) and the one of you two looking at the cakes (last picture) Soooooo beautiful!!!

    September 19, 2012
    • Thanks so much! It was so much fun, I want to have another wedding! To Jeff, of course – so I guess that would be call a renewal of vows party!!!! Rosetta Stone works wonders, I hear! Let me know how that goes!

      September 23, 2012
  8. You made such a beautifully radiant bride. I love that you compared Jeff to Fozzy bear. Jeff’s moustache is akin to my dad’s (except for the color, of course). 😉

    February 11, 2013
    • Haha! Yes! Exactly! That’s why I admired your dad’s handsome moustache!!! It was the #1 most fun day of my life! I want to do it again!!!!

      February 11, 2013
  9. bryson louks #

    Ambur was in my pottery class

    June 11, 2013

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