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Arrival in Los Angeles Winter 2016

The idea of flying solo with a toddler + baby made me want to break out in hives, but we made it!








Strangely enough, the day before our departure Langdon woke up at 5am in the morning – which is pretty unusual for him.  Maybe subconsciously he was preparing for the trip, because the morning of departure he was ready to head out the door at an ungodly hour!  Luckily Jeff was able to take us to the airport, because a friend was able to cover him at work!  Oh thank god, because I did not want to have to wrangle all the bags + kids all alone!

Langdon saying goodbye to his precious father at the gate:photo-2016-11-22-6-53-39-am

Jeff is literally Langdon’s favorite person in the entire world.  I caught them sharing a goodbye


Bye daddy!  See you in Los Angeles in a couple weeks!  When I saw the line for security I was like OH HELL NO.  But Canadian actor Victor Garber was standing a few passengers behind me, so I thought it was a pretty appropriate send off.screenshot-2016-12-02-21-27-05

Thank god an airport employee saw us + whisked us away to the family line.  I didn’t know there was a family line.  It was awesome because there is no judgement in the family line.  Everyone is so sympathetic when one of our offspring screeched, cried, ran off or when we had to wrangle all our belongings + put them on the conveyor belt while keeping an eye on rascally children.

Langdon was such a good boy during security + customs.  I had an umbrella stroller, but only used it for schlepping all our crap.  Langdon’s never been a big fan of sitting in a stroller.  But he stayed close by + was very helpful to me + Clementine!  I could not have asked for an easier boarding!  I told him, “Say goodbye to rainy Vancouver!”.photo-2016-11-22-7-40-29-am

We always book seats all the way in the back of the plane.  I sort of understand why families book closer to the front so they can be the first to exit the plane.  But nobody likes to sit in the back, so we lucked out because the whole back of the plane was empty!  Plus being seated in the back = closer to the bathrooms!photo-2016-11-22-7-39-04-am

I wore Clementine during the majority of the flight + so she napped for an hour.  What a happy baby!photo-2016-11-22-9-29-41-am

And thank you Apple, for inventing the iPad.  I bought Langdon headphones especially for the trip.  So he watched some shows + played with a couple apps.  In addition, I packed some typically off limit snacks + let him have at it.  I didn’t even have to go through my bag of tricks that I prepared of games, coloring, play dough + stickers!

Welcome to smoggy Los Angeles!!!!  Langdon was owning LAX!!!!photo-2016-11-22-11-08-27-am

WORK IT!!!!!!!

At baggage claim when he saw his Nana, he flew into her waiting arms!photo-2016-11-22-11-14-17-am

Oh I wish we all lived in the same city!!!!photo-2016-11-22-11-14-18-am-1

It was a hot day when we arrived in Los Angeles!  After we all loaded into the car, my sister turned on the AC + Langdon asked, “What’s that cold stuff coming out???”.  HAHAHAAA!!!!  In Vancouver we very rarely turn on the AC in our car!  And when we mentioned the sun + blue sky to him, he replied, “Yeah it’s not dark!”.  OMG this kid does not miss a thing.

When we reached my parent’s home, the first thing we did was to enjoy my mom’s enchanted

Smelling the scent of plumeria + roses in winter is so dreamy!!!

The next day, Langdon + I explored the

And took a walk to the park.  Langdon makes me laugh all the time!  He’s always been such a crack up with a huge personality!photo-2016-11-24-2-07-14-pm

And Clementine has been THRIVING since being with my family.  In Vancouver so much of my attention is focused on running around after a very demanding toddler.  Poor Clementine usually sits in the corner of the couch like a little forgotten potato.  But here, she is so doted after, carried around + is constantly stimulated.  Clementine is delayed in some of her physical milestones (possibly some of it due to my neglect, I hate to admit).  My sister is a physical therapist + has been having all of us work with her.  How much little Clem has changed in over a week!!!!!photo-2016-11-25-3-25-31-pm

Since we have shown up in Southern California we are constantly outside + on the go.  We have been having such a blast in the short time we’ve been here!  On the next post, all the activities, adventure + good times!!!!  TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!

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  1. van Hua #

    So glad to know you made it to Los Angeles with your precious children! Have a great vacation

    December 5, 2016
  2. kenneth nishino #

    WELCOME, TO LALA-LAND,…daughter Dearest !!!!!

    December 5, 2016
  3. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli! Glad that you made it to your folks safe & sound with Clementine & Langdon. Good that Clementine had a happy flight. You are right, Langdon is such a personality. I love the dancing photo of him in the park. That royal blue sky above him must be so nice for him to see vs the dull grey of Vancouver! You must be enjoying the sun. Your mom’s enchanted garden looks absolutely enchanting. That pink flower (plumeria or rose?) is so pink! Also the yellow and orange flowers behind your mom and Clementine. I’m sure you could spend hours basking in it. So nice to have your family close by, incl. your physical therapist sister. Hard for you being away from your family and I’m sure that you appreciate the difference of having them immediately close by over Christmas. At least LA isn’t that far from Vancouver. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your holiday season. Best wishes to you, Jeff, Clementine and Langdon. How neat that you saw Victor Garber too (I get star struck but maybe you’ve seen some stars on movie sets, etc..) Nicolas Cage is making a movie in nearby Osoyoos for a few mths. Safe travels! Cheers Vicky J.

    December 5, 2016
    • Hi Vicky! Yes I’m so lucky that Los Angeles is so close to Vancouver! Thank you for the well wishes!!! We are really enjoying ourselves!!! Take care!!!

      December 14, 2016

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