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Days of Heaven – Los Angeles Winter 2016

Every day being back in Los Angeles has been every bit as dreamy as I expected it to be.




Langdon, Clementine + I have been entirely enjoying ourselves every single day + are making the most of it.  Of course, the first week of our arrival we headed straight to Zuma Beach to take holiday photos.  What a joke!  Big props to baby photographers, because getting two kids look at the camera at the same time is nothing short of a miracle.  Example one:photo-2016-11-29-3-36-14-pm

Langdon looks like a model running down the dunes, meanwhile Clementine….HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Example two:photo-2016-11-29-3-37-41-pm

Arrrrrgh, Clementine!

I should have known.  This was baby’s first time immersed in beach sand.  She was having too much of a good time!  Such great sensory play!!!photo-2016-11-29-3-46-03-pm

Baby toes + sand = irresistible!!!!  Aaaah it was so awesome to be back on a beach with miles of fluffy sand, crashing waves + an endless horizon!!!  How I’ve missed it!

Lang + I visited Travel Town for the first time.  But before we did, we hung out at hipster Los Feliz on Vermont Ave.  It was so weird + cool to show him all the same places I used to hang out at when I was young.  I can’t wait to share more of these experiences with my kids as they get

Located in Griffith Park close to Warner Brothers studio, Travel Town is a museum dedicated to educating the public about railroad history.  And the best part is – it’s FREE!!!!photo-2016-12-02-1-50-02-pm

Langdon loved it!!!  He had so much fun running around!photo-2016-12-02-1-33-27-pm-1

Fascinated by the train

The train ride was AWESOME!!!!  TOOT TOOT!!!!  Our train conductor had blue hair + looked like Jared Leto.  Welcome to Los

And basically since we’ve been in Southern California Langdon + I get outside + run around in the wide open desert landscape like crazy people.  Because that’s what wide open spaces does to a person.  Makes you want to break out in a run!photo-2016-11-30-10-06-19-am



Oh yeah + I am a glutton for punishment because I made a second attempt at taking holiday photos again.  Which were a disaster.2016-12-08holiday9

I officially give up. 2016-12-08holiday10

Nobody’s getting cards this year.  I can’t even.2016-12-08holiday1

But most exciting of all was anticipating the arrival of my niece!!!!photo-2016-12-05-2-47-44-pm

It’s been a whirlwind, exhausting + exhilarating past couple of days!!!  Here’s Clementine + her best buddy Papa horsing around in the waiting room of the hospital.img_2375

A quick first time delivery + Isabella Aiko has arrived!!!!  Welcome to the world sweet little bean!!!!img_2373

Today is her first day at home!!!  Langdon is so excited + beside himself.  He can’t even stand it.  This little boy LOVES HIM SOME BABIES!  And so do I, as shown in this next photo:img_2421

Look at poor, forgotten Clementine in the background.  Not the “baby” anymore, Clem!  You’re the big girl in the house now!  Speaking of…my little meatball turned half a year old this month!2016-12-046mnths

She is a fantabulously, amazingly easygoing happy baby.  I am so lucky because Langdon runs me ragged most days.

I am so grateful to be back in California + I don’t take a moment of it for granted.  When I open my eyes + see the blue sky, the palm trees + feel the desert gravel crunching under my feet, I am thankful.  Spending time with family + old friends has revived my weary soul.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss California + how much it means to me until I moved away.  The Pacific Northwest is beautiful + quality of life is pretty darn good.  But I do not love it.  I LOVE Southern California, it is a part of me that will never die.  NEVER!!!!  I could go on, but I can’t even get into it right now + it’s too complicated.

Ok stay tuned for more Southern Cali love + antics from a house that is now full to the brim with babies!!!!!!!!  YAAAAAAAY!!!!

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  1. Great photos. It’s great that your babies are not trained to smile for the camera. Don’t train them into the Pavlovian response of grip and grin. It’s a habit a lot of people carry into adulthood….e.g. President Obama, unlike his wife.

    December 15, 2016
    • Haha thanks. They’re pretty used to having photos taken of them. My dad is a cameraman + was always taking pictures.

      December 15, 2016
  2. kenneth nishino #

    YAAAAH,…taking baby pixes is a art, indeed, hehehe…LOL, but hey
    those other photo’s weren’t bad at all, in fact pretty darn funny!!!!!
    Ok, were happy your having a great time in tinsel town, and soon the
    arrival of the Big Guy,…yaaah hooo !!!!! so keep on trucking, Shell’s!!!!!
    luv U
    ps: yup, addition of little Isabella Aiko Gonzales Nishino, is a trip, so cute!!!!!!

    December 15, 2016
  3. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli! I agree with eleeleboy. Great photos and thanks for sharing the sunshine! I think that Langdon might be taking after his mom and dad in the film business. He is a natural. He loves the camera and the camera loves him! Not all kids are like that. I’m sure that you might not want to put him into the film business at this age though (if ever)……I noticed that in the Nic Cage movie being filmed here a local and her young son were hired, I think for a good size part. I would imagine that it would be a full time job for a parent managing their child’s career (ie auditions, etc…). Clementine looks so happy in the company of your family, Langdon too. I’m going to try and send you Christmas greetings via some cute ads I saw. Being creative types, you and Jeff might enjoy them, you may have already seen them. If the ads don’t get sent through for some reason (I am technology challenged) I hope that you continue to enjoy your sunny days with your family. I’ve never been to CA but it looks lovely and looking up to see the blue sky must be so uplifting. Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes in 2017 Shelli! Cheers Vicky

    December 22, 2016
  4. Vicky Josephson #

    Hello Shelli: I couldn’t send you the Christmas greeting. If you get time, look on 2 UK ads for 2016: Marks & Spencer and John Lewis. Those were the ads I was going to send. They are excellent.

    December 22, 2016

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