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Tofino Part 1

Tofino is the #1 shining jewel destination of British Columbia! 






Hello again – hello!!!  Tofino is probably my fave destination now in British Columbia.  I’ve been dying to visit for a very very long time.  Famed for it’s storms + the best surfing in the Pacific Northwest – it truly was everything I expected plus more.  Being from Southern California I missed that beach vibe – people walking barefoot, boys in wetsuits on their bikes, surfboards under their arms – god I’ve missed it!  Well now I’ve found that vibe in Tofino!

We went in early July when Lang Lang was 15 months old – it’s like he’s a completely different human being from two months ago!

On the ferry.Tofino Part 1 - 01

It was hella windy on the top deck + Lang was NOT amused.Tofino Part 1 - 02

After our two hour ferry ride, we arrived in Nanaimo. Then, drove an hour to Port Alberni + stayed the night.  But I don’t have pictures because I’ll tell you why later.

The next day after a two hour drive we arrived in Tofino + headed straight to Chesterman Beach!Tofino Part 1 - 03

Lang vs seaweed.

Tofino Part 1 - 04For dinner we walked in search of famed Tacofino Tofino food truck.  It’s so darn tasty (Good Mexican food is like trying to find a unicorn) that they’ve opened up two restaurants in Vancouver.Tofino Part 1 - 05

There was a big ass line + it was hot as Hades.

Tofino Part 1 - 07The menu.Tofino Part 1 - 06

No pictures of the food because by the time our order was called we were ravenous, hot + cranky.  But wait, because in the next post there will be pictures of fatty tacos galore!

Tofino day 2 we headed to the Farmer’s Market.  Custom wood skateboards – how apropos.

Tofino Part 1 - 08Shirtless hot guy with a chainsaw.  You’re welcome.

Tofino Part 1 - 09Sweet Nelly + Jens of Ahoy Bags!  Lovely, durable bags, totes + accessories handmade by them out of upcycled sails.  They can tell you story + history about the sail from each bag!  Of course I snatched one up!!!  Nelly + Jens were so amazing, fun to chat with + are based locally in Ucuelet!Tofino Part 1 - 10

Tofino’s Tuff City Radio!  Check it out it is da kine tunes brah!Tofino Part 1 - 12

Keep in mind the Farmer’s Market is mostly arts + crafts – there was maybe one produce stand!

Sweet little free public library next to the church.Tofino Part 1 - 16

Day 3 was spent on Mackenzie beach for Fourth of July.  It’s very family friendly + great for stand up paddle boarding.Tofino Part 1 - 18

Sadly for us, Langdon is terrified of swimming + pools, large bodies of water, rivers, whatever.  Look at the anxiety on his face!Tofino Part 1 - 19

Plus since he barely gets to see his father, on this trip it was a real problem because anytime Jeff stepped away, Lang would FREAK.  So it was a lot of crying.

After the beach I wanted to go back into town to check out Kuma – which means bear in Japanese.  Their sister restaurant Shika Provisions on Bowen Island rocks the casbah – click here to read more about Shika!Tofino Part 1 - 20

Here’s Jeff’s beard + the miso braised beef which was yummers.Tofino Part 1 - 21

Day 4 early set off to Chesterman beach at low tide to check out the critters!  We walked around + ducked into narrow caverns.Tofino Part 1 - 22

Then scrambled up from the cavern to the top.  “Ooh!” says Langdon.Tofino Part 1 - 23

I was most excited about wandering around so Jeff took Lang so I can galivant around the tide pools.Tofino Part 1 - 24

Take note: if you plan on scurrying around the rocks, BRING WATER SHOES.  I was barefoot + have feet like a dinosaur’s but the mollusks + barnacles were killing, y’all.  Gorgeous view from above!Tofino Part 1 - 25

Ok after this I dropped my phone in the rushing tide because I was running around in the ocean trying to get Langdon to laugh.  So I lost lots of pictures, including tide pool gems.  Yeah, awesome.  But in the next post there will be starfish galore!Tofino Part 1 - 26

Crazy about his dad!!!!Tofino Part 1 - 27

The great thing about the beach is: kids poop out fast + deep!  Jeff + I (mostly me – Jeff calls me the nap nazi) were really respectful of Langdon’s nap times + scheduled our outings in chunks of time so we could be back at the vacation rental for knock out time.Tofino Part 1 - 28

After nap time we headed back to the beach.Tofino Part 1 - 30

Chinese tourists know how to straight up chill right!!!  Just throw down a tarp + lay back hard!Tofino Part 1 - 29

Dad did a little snorkel while Langdon wanted to show me his butt:Tofino Part 1 - 31

And practiced his javelin throwing skills.Tofino Part 1 - 32

“THE SEA BRINGS FORTH MY POWER!!!!!” says Lang.Tofino Part 1 - 33

I love the beach, the sound of the waves, the breeze, the smell.  Langdon loves it too + could quietly play for hours in the sand.Tofino Part 1 - 34

Making art with a seashell.Tofino Part 1 - 35

Oh my lord I love Tofino.  What a magical magical place.  Stay tuned for technicolor starfish, surfers, Tacofino + goats!  What?!  Stay tuned!!!!!!

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  1. DAD's . . . . PAPI #

    ALOHA, Nan,…again terrific photo’s of The Clan,
    and amazing collection of surfer shorts on the Li’L
    Man, L.L. veeery niiiice indeed!!! Tofino, looks like
    a AWsuM place 2 chill & enjoy the ray’s and chow
    down as well, yuummm, Tay’CO’s from Tacofino,
    but obviously very pricey Burritos & Taco’s, i hope
    they were GOOD !?!?! too bad, L.L.’s not enjoying
    the ocean/water anymore, not a swimmer but mite
    make a terrific track jock, the javelin thrower,..LOL!!!
    ok, look forward 2 the next post, best 2 the Family.

    September 17, 2015
    • Tacofino is pricey because they know people will pay for it because there is no good Mexican food in Canada! It is very good! But I wonder how can you mess up Mexican food? The ingredients are so simple!!!! Love you!

      September 18, 2015
  2. Goats! Did you go to Coombs? 🙂

    September 17, 2015
  3. See that stick? SEE THAT STICK!!?? You know who he learned that from right! His Auntie Amy! Nest time you go hit Pebble Beach. It’s all smooth, colourful ocean tumbled stones that are BEAUTIFUL.Miss you all. xoxo

    September 23, 2015
    • Hahaha!!!! We still have the original stick you guys gave Langdon at the house! And he uses it!!! Ooh, Pebble Beach you say??? I will definitely go there next time – because there will definitely be a next time! Miss you guys so much!!!!! XOXO

      September 24, 2015
  4. article really very nice and well written 🙂

    December 11, 2015

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