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The Punk Singer – A Film About Kathleen Hanna

A must watch documentary about feminism’s most punk rock activist!  And get ready for some vintage pictures of me!





In high school Kathleen Hanna + her band Bikini Kill were on my top 5 list of role models.Bikini Kill

Listening to their loud, angry, unapologetic feminist punk rock gave me confidence + a realization at a young age that there was more to life than what we’re given.  And that it’s okay to be outraged, + it’s okay to be different.  Here’s me in high school probably thinking I’m really awesome stuck in the Southern California suburbs.High School - 2

Last night,The Punk Singer played one showing, for one night only at the Rio Theater.  I’m lucky that it was playing in Vancouver as it is.  Oh, Canada.  Oh haaaaaay – I just found out you can download + watch it on iTunes!  Jeff got off work early to come with me which made me really psyched.  My feminist husband.The Punk Singer

Here’s the trailer for The Punk Singer:

The documentary is an insight about why + how Kathleen Hanna became one of the most outspoken icons of the Riot Grrrl movement with interviews + 20 years of archival footage.  She has overcome death threats, controversy + constant media negativity.  Through it all, she always came back fighting.  But the strongest people also need respite, + the movie also shows Kathleen Hanna’s vulnerability + a quieter, more reflective side.Kathleen HannaKathleen HannaKathleen Hanna

Her years with Le Tigre..Le Tigre

And why in 2005 she kind of disappeared, due to her struggle with advanced Lyme Disease.  I have to add there’s also footage of her super sweet, cute + supportive relationship that she has with her husband Adam Horovitz (aka Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys).Kathleen Hanna + Adam Horovitz

I’m glad I went to see the film because I didn’t even know about her current project, The Julie Ruin.The Julie Ruin

I’ve been living under a rock for so long + this movie made me excited again.  It reminded me about how much music meant to me.

Here’s a sweet picture of my dad + I in Palm Springs circa 1993.High School - 3

My parents were always supportive + encouraged me.  Mom used to help me rip up all my thrift store finds + backed me up when I had conflicts at school.  They always believed in me.High School

Oh + click here for the link to listen to Kathleen’s Interview with CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi.

Watch the documentary if it’s in playing in your town or download it on iTunes!  And if you have a daughter, have her watch it too!!!  Blast some Bikini Kill, Le Tigre + The Julie Ruin in the house + dance it out!  It’ll inspire + empower her!!!

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  1. Deb Fayle #

    So cool Shelli!! I will definitely check out the links …. love the high school shots.

    December 19, 2013

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