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Vancouver Summer Explosion 2015!!!!

Yeah I know summer’s not over yet, but I feel like the Pacific Northwest is mourning it already.






I’m sorry I’ve been out of commission for so long loved ones!  After the tie dye party Langdon caught a stomach bug, then we both caught the flu, which turned into searingly painful sinus migraines that debilitated me for weeks after.  But enough talk about being sick in the summer – because that’s boring.

In Vancouver the sun comes out for about 4-5 months.  The remaining 6-7 months are spent in rain + grey.  So when summer comes around Canucks be like:











They like to CELEBRATE SUMMER HARD!!!!  And that means – outdoor festivals, the beach, the lake, the river, patio dining, sun worshiping – KICKING UP ONE’S HEELS Y’ALL!!!!!

We got the party started with the Greek Festival.

VancouverSummer'15 - 01SCREEEECH!!!!  PUT ON THE BRAKES!  Note the sad look on Lang Lang’s face.  Moments later the poor thing was yakking all over his very patient + tolerant father’s western plaid shirt.

We’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market almost every weekend to enjoy the bounty of the season.VancouverSummer'15 - 02

AND HALLELUJAH, MY MOM + SISTER CAME UP TO VISIT!!!!!!  Why take the trip down to 100 degree plus scorching Hades in Los Angeles with a baby, when my family can luxuriate in the coolness that is Vancouver?  If you observe, my mom is wearing a jacket AND scarf during summer!  Here’s Langdon not wanting to leave the playground, or pose for a picture for that matter.  Ugh.  Toddlers.VancouverSummer'15 - 03

Admiring garden sculptures at the Van Dusen gardens.VancouverSummer'15 - 04

On the ferry to Bowen Island.  Notice how Langdon’s head is almost as large as his Auntie’s???VancouverSummer'15 - 05

A most gorgeous day at the beach!  Langdon’s face is filled with anxiety for fear that we’ll toss him into the water.  Right now he’s battling with a real dread of the vast ocean.VancouverSummer'15 - 06

My sister left after a week’s visit, which was sad because I was still under the weather for the duration of her stay.  Mom remained on + next we all motored to Vancouver’s Japanese festival – otherwise known as the Powell Street Festival.  Langdon was in ADD heaven as you can see by his facial expression in this photo.  He’s all, “OOOOOH!!!!!!”.VancouverSummer'15 - 07

There were cultural performances, food + then this happened:VancouverSummer'15 - 08

Anyways….I wore my yukata + Langdon + Jeff wore their Jimbeis.VancouverSummer'15 - 09

Later in the week Lang enjoyed some conceptual art at the Vancouver Art Gallery:VancouverSummer'15 - 10

Had the best time ever at Maplewood Farms in North Vancouver with family:VancouverSummer'15 - 11

I begged + pleaded with my mom to stay an extra two weeks:VancouverSummer'15 - 12

Got all Gangnam style at the Korean festival, which was really weird by the way.  The cultural performances were amazing, but the entire festival was bombarded by pop up tents of politicians, real estate agents + roofing companies.  It was so weird.  And the food was very disappointing.VancouverSummer'15 - 13

My kick ass friend Sarah photo bombing the guys at the East Van flea market.  Sarah is my home girl from when I was costuming in the film industry.  She’s in town working + it is so awesome to be with a friend that just gets me.  We haven’t hung out in years but we picked up right where we left off without missing a beat!VancouverSummer'15 - 14

The Captain dancing to some R + B beats near the beer tent.VancouverSummer'15 - 15

Feeling really proud to be half American in Point Roberts, Washington.VancouverSummer'15 - 16

Break dancing at Lighthouse Marine Park in Point Roberts.VancouverSummer'15 - 17

And finally…..kicking pineapples.VancouverSummer'15 - 18

Because who doesn’t kick pineapples during the summer?!  Well friends, the celebration of the sun isn’t over yet!  There’s still time to get yer ya ya’s out!!!!  Thanks for reading, thanks for staying in touch + most of all thank you for being there for me!!!!  XOXOXOXO!!!!!!  Love you!!!!!

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  1. DAD's . . . . PAPI #

    Hi, Nan,…looks like LL is breaking out with his dance
    routine’s…he’s a crack-up, luv his Capt. cap & Jimbei
    really nice, Wow U did luck out by having Mum stay a
    extra FEW WEEK’S,…ok, congrats 2 Jeff on his new
    gig, hugs 2 my Grandson LL and kisses 2 Mum !!!!!!
    Luv U
    Miss U
    PS: sorry i missed this trip, was looking forward 2 U
    and family visiting us instead, huh huh, C U soon!!!!!!

    August 14, 2015
  2. M #

    That certainly is one FANTASTIC summer! I don’t nearly get out there as much as you have done. xx ~M.

    August 17, 2015

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