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Auntie’s Visit to Alberta

My sister Ashley made a short, fast trip to Alberta to visit Langdon.  We had such an awesome time + ate a lot of tasty food along the way!





Ashley could not stand to be away from her beloved nephew for so long.  She be crayzay for Langdon!  Crazy enough to where there was no lodging anywhere close to our teeeeeensy country town, so she booked a hotel room + rental car 45 minutes away!

She could not believe how hefty + large Langdon has grown!!!  The last time she held him he was not but a wee thing – 2 weeks old!  Their first picture together of their reunion.  Langdon looks waaaaaay to mischievous for my liking.  That face makes me nervous.Blog - 01

Oh, redeeming himself with that angelic smile!Blog - 02

Langdon is a major spazzoid lately + all he wants to do is stand, stand, stand!  Even my sister, who is a physical therapist + works with children all day long can barely keep a grip on this squiggly, slick character!Blog - 03

We convinced Ashley to spend the weekend in Canmore because our amazing generous friends were letting us stay at their house.  It’s so lovely + it’s better than having her stare at us all day long in our mini Black Diamond home!  Once we arrived, Jeff wordlessly stepped outside + started spraying.  Spraying what?  Garlic!  It was making me all out hungry!  Apparently garlic deters mosquitoes which Alberta has an ample supply of.  What a nut my husband is.Blog - 04

That night we all went out for dinner at our favorite Alberta sushi establishment – Chef’s Studio Japan.  I was so bone tired.  This baby is sucking the life force out of me.  I wanted to prop my eyelids open with chopsticks.Blog - 05

OH BEAUTIFUL JEWELS OF RAW FISH!!!!  So artful!  So very very very tasty!!!!  Ashley + I got the Chirashi – she claims it’s the best she’s ever had!!!!  And so perfectly presented!Blog - 06

Jeff’s sashimi platter was poetry on a plate!Blog - 07

So excited to dig in!  Bright + happy!!!Blog - 08

The aftermath – wooooosh!   We were stuffed – we all felt like slugs!!!  Such a satisfying meal!!!Blog - 09

Langdon was a good boy during dinner + rocked his Ramones t-shirt + dad’s sunglasses afterwards because he’s feeling right on about himself.Blog - 10

When we got back to the house, we enjoyed some time on the patio.  I call this photo Mr. Canada.Blog - 11

The next day we started out late.  Here’s Jeff having a real Canadian meal.  Montreal smoked meat sandwich + poutine!!!  Ashley heartily approves.Blog - 12

After some window shopping, we walked home along the river.  Sisters.  I miss my sister so very very much!!!!Blog - 13

Here is the Mountain Prince amongst all that he rules over.  Look at that face – he means it.Blog - 14

The next day Langdon + I met Ashley at her hotel in Southern Calgary.  Here’s Langdon + Ashley having an executive meeting.  “How is the Dow Jones doing?  Is it up or down?” asks Langdon.  “Sell!!!  Sell!!!”  he exclaims!Blog - 15

I took Ashley to see Calgary’s Peace Bridge.  An amazing addition to Calgary’s city landscape, but the price tag of $17.995 million did not make it’s citizens very happy.  I love this modern, pedestrian bridge!!!!  I think it’s so striking!Blog - 16

Ashley + her nephew under the bridge.Blog - 17

The three of us went for lunch + Ashley was delighting her nephew + maximizing her Auntie time.Blog - 18

Burgers….yuuuuuum.  Ashley was little by little looking a little worse for the wear spending a lot of time with Langdon.  This baby will do that to you.  He’s a doozy.  Langdon’s thinking his mom better hurry up + take the darn photo for her boring ol’ blog.Blog - 19

More shopping after lunch.  Canada represent.  Look at Langdon’s little scrunchy face.  Can I tell y’all that this little bean has become quite the cranky pants lately?!  He was having NONE OF IT.Blog - 20

On the way back to the hotel, Ashley + Langdon took a little snooze.  Babies will knock you off your feet!!!  Plum wear you out!!!Blog - 21

When I said goodbye to my sister I was so overwhelmed with sadness!  Now that I have a baby, the distance between me + my family has grown that much deeper!!!  Oh how I miss them + my friends in Los Angeles so much!!!  Thank you for the visit, big sis!!!!  I’m so glad that you made it out to visit with us!  Love you always!!!!




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  1. kenneth '' Dad's - Papi '' nishino #

    haha, Auntie, looks exhausted !!!!!!

    August 3, 2014
  2. Oh, that bridge… Sigh! 😛

    August 6, 2014

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