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Lululemon Warehouse Party – BC Place 2013!!!

Aisles + aisles + aisles of Lululemon ON SALE!!!!!!  AND IT WAS GOING OFF, PEOPLE!!!!!!






My sister-in-law Deb + I survived the first day of Lululemon’s Warehouse Party (sale) today at Vancouver’s BC Place.  If you are not familiar with the magical unicorn that is Lululemon Athletica, click here to read all about it!  BC Place is ginormous, y’all!!!!  It is the home field of the Canadian Football League, (DO WHAT?!  I know!  Hold on a minute, what?  Canada has a football league?  Now that’s a subject for a later date!) so you can imagine how large + in charge it is!  So Deb + I were thinking, “Enough Lululemon on sale to fill the BC Place???  WHERE DO WE SIGN UP??!!!!”.

We were also curious about whether or not ladies would be getting in cat fights over a pair of Luon tights, so we hopped on the Skytrain + exited the Stadium-Chinatown Station.  Ta-daaaaaaaaa BC Place!!!!BC Place



















It’s like a looming space ship full of Canucks who are ready to drop some mad cash, yo!!!!

Enter, my children!!!!!  We were really scared of was how horrible the lines were going to be!  For the first day, it wasn’t that bad at all – but granted, it was a weekday!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 02



















Take note: try not to bring a purse or a bulky jacket to the sale.  We thought we’d be waiting in a line outside, so we brought our jackets.  But the entire line up is indoors.  Also, I was confused by the website – I thought they’d be peeking inside purses + coats – not actually checking them all in!  So come to the sale without a jacket + a purse – it’s advisable!

There was a VERY efficient coat check ready to receive!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 03

At first I thought, “Is this the sale???”.  Oh no no no.  It’s just hoards of people’s personal belongings!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 04



















You give them your stuff, they put it in bags (all the plastic made my soul cry) + give you a number.  I repeat!  Literally come to the sale without a jacket (wear something with pockets) + bring a ziploc for your credit/debit card, ID + cell phone – nothing else!  NO CASH!!!  Credit + debit only!

While waiting in line they offered water….Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 06


















Organic bananas + apples……Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 07

AND righteous tunes!!!!  Lululemon, you know how to throw a PARTAY!  And the band was ROCKING IT HARD!!!!!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 08

WE’RE IN!!!!!  HOLY MOSES!  SQUEAL!!!!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 09

SO MUCH MERCHANDISE!!!  GAAAAH!!!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 10

ZOOM IN!  This poor guy accompanying his girlfriend is like, “Mmmm-hmmm yeah baby, I agree.  I think the pink top is better than the yellow.”.  Lookit him!  He’s totally sleeping with his eyes open!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013




I think Jeff would have rather eaten a bowl of razor blades than attend the sale with Deb + I!  I admire you Guy-Sleeping-With-Eyes-Open.  Way to support your lady!








The women folk were running around clutching PILES of Lululemon in their arms!  And they all had a feverish, manic look about them !!!  I was skerred, y’all!!!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 11

“Lululemon!!!!  My preciousss!!!”Gollum









The aisles were all organized by size + Lululemon employees were constantly restocking + cleaning up.Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 12

High up above, the mega screen had color coded dots indicating how much an item was by the color sticker placed on it’s tag.Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 05


















Every once in a while you’d see a woman with their eyes turned towards the heavens, searching for prices.  “Are you there, God?  It’s me, Margaret.”Are You There God?  It's Me, Margaret.















There was a good variety of stock + styles to grab at! Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 13

And the sale prices were pretty great – let’s face it, Lululemon can get a little spendy + y’all know I ain’t paying full price!Lululemon BC Place Warehouse Sale 2013 - 14


















I had a mound of athletic wear hoarded in my arms, but I whittled it down to a Run Swiftly Tech long sleeve (I’ve never seen at the outlet) + a pair of cute black + white stripe leggings!  Deb scored a pair of Luon capris that looked AHMAYZING on her!!!  We were trying REALLY HARD to be conservative!!!  I could have easily walked out of there with 8 items!!!

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a little monkey was busy swinging around Renfrew Ravine!!!!Renfrew RavineRenfrew Ravine



Jeff + my nephew Tobin were having a play date!  The boys met us at the train station + the four of us made a quick stop at the park!Jeff at the Park

“Get offa there, Uncle Jeff!  You’re old!” says Tobin.  Just kidding Tobin would NEVER say something like that – It was just me thinking it.At the park

So much fun!!!!  I’m so glad that Deb + I braved the masses to check out the sale!  When we walked out of BC Place we gave each other a high five – another adventure….CHECK!!!!  It’s definitely worth going to the sale!  If not for the discounts, but for the experience + buzzing energy of Lululemon Lovers!!!!  Take a chance!


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  1. Deb Fayle #

    My goodness Shelli … you do know how to capture the essence of a Lulu adventure!! And I do love my purchase and am happy to report that upon returning home I promptly put them on and did my 20 minute pilates work out. How’s that for emulating the Lulu philosophy … I’ll drink that kool-aide anytime!!

    Thank you Uncle Jeff – Tobin loved his monkeying around in the ravine and made his big brother jealous of the experience!

    January 19, 2013
    • Yay!!! That’s great! I’m getting on the program as well with walks + green smoothies!!!! Go Lulu!!!!

      January 19, 2013
  2. Ooh, I hope they have one in Calgary sometime! I’d LOVE a hoodie, but there’s no way I’m going to pay full price for one. 🙂

    January 19, 2013
  3. It sure was a great sale! We did not go until Sat. night, so some of the product was already sold out. I am just wondering how much the run swiftly top was?

    January 20, 2013
    • Hi! I got the Run Swiftly top for $36 + it usually retails for $68! Score!!!!

      January 22, 2013
      • Oh that is awesome! That is worth going right at the beginning! By Sat. night I could only find one and it was too small:( Glad you scored big!

        January 22, 2013
      • Thanks! Wow! I can’t believe how much stock had been snatched up, because on Friday I was in shock at how much merchandise there was! Well, luckily we are in Lululemon Central, so there’s always next year!!!! 🙂

        January 22, 2013
  4. The Cultural ADthropologist #

    Found your post while researching this legendary lululemon warehouse sale, since it is actually coming to a place near me (NY), and just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your writing style. You’re hilarious!! You should cover more warehouse/sample sales in vancouver capturing those half-asleep boyfriends! Sadly, I will be guilty of the same crime soon…I can’t drive, so my boyfriend will have to drive me there and accompany me. oops.

    I’m debating whether I should go the 1st day for stock availability but pay higher prices, or go on a later day and pay the reduced prices but risk my size going out of stock. What do you think?

    January 24, 2013
    • Haha!!! Yay! Thanks! I’m glad you found my blog! Ooooh! Vancouver in NY?! Awesome!!! Hmmmmm….first day or later day???? Well, it depends. If you really have your heart set on certain pieces – I would go on the first day because I heard by the 2nd day a lot of merchandise was gone. But if you are a bargain hunter, the prices went down A LOT on the evening of the 2nd day! Personally I had fun on the first day because energy was HIGH!!! PAAARTY!!!

      January 24, 2013
      • The Cultural ADthropologist #

        i just went today! but there weren’t any snacks or drinks being handed out like the one in vancouver!! only a DJ and a person doing yoga/dance moves to the music.

        thanks for the advice! I had to go today cause my ride was only available today, but hopefully these pants will prove their worth!

        February 1, 2013
  5. Sarah Yellin #


    February 1, 2013
    • I WISH YOU WERE THERE TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You would’ve made a KILLIIIIIING!!!!! MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

      February 2, 2013

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