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Science World – Vancouver

SCIENCE RULES!!!!!  Science World ROCKS!!!!!!  Ch-ch-ch-check it out!






During the holiday break, I went for my first time to Science World with my nephews Matt, Tobin + my sister-in-law Deb.  I was so excited!  I love science – because I completely don’t understand it!  If I had been a whiz at science in school, I guarantee you my friends that the path I took would have been a COMPLETELY different one!  I coulda been a contender!!!!  I woulda been a veterinarian or a biochemist or a genetic engineer!!!  Who knows – a mad scientist?  Gene Wilder - Young FrankensteinBut what better way to educate myself than a trip to an exploratory science museum!







Hmmmm….Gene Wilder looks a little bit like my husband Jeff in that picture……..hmmmmmm……

We traveled to Science World via the Skytrain.  Boys + Riding Trains = totally loving it.  Matt + Tobin were staring out the window avidly watching the world zip by underneath them until their annoying aunt got her “blog camera” all up in their faces!Science World - Vancouver - 01

The Skytrain spits you out hop, skip + a jump, likkety-split right in front of Science World!Science World - Vancouver - 02



















I remember when Jeff + I were dating – we’d drive past this gorgeous geodesic dome + I always thought that it had been built for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!Snobby High Society Man

“Harumph, harumph.  Oh my word, dear girl….NO!!!!!!” says “Snobby High Society Man”.












The magic of Science World lies in all of their amazing interactive educational tools that make learning totally radical!  Our first stop was the “Our World” gallery, which teaches kids about sustainability + being green!  Here’s Tobin working away on the wheel – running to create watts of energy!  Look at the little guy to the right in the grey hoodie, checking out Tobin’s wattage stats.Science World - Vancouver - 03



















Oh yes, Little Grey Hoodie is very concerned whether or not Tobin has met his energy quota!Science World - Vancouver - 04

Aaaaaah, one day I may be working for you, Little Grey Hoodie….

Here was a great recycling game set on a timer that the kids were impressively well versed at!Science World - Vancouver - 05



















A water wasting game.  I always remind myself that although I’m no longer in dry Southern California – water wasting + the lack of drinkable water in most countries is ALWAYS a major issue!!!!Science World - Vancouver - 06

Science World also has funny, engaging, educational presentations + demonstrations going on all day on their Center Stage.Science World - Vancouver - 07



















Kids loved this game!  I still don’t understand it + Deb had to explain it to me twice.  It has something to do with monitoring the brain waves + a ball moves according to the players brain patterns.Science World - Vancouver - 08

I’m telling ya, kids were lining up for this game!  I didn’t know kids loved to sit, close their eyes + relax their brains so much!Science World - Vancouver - 09

Shows you how much video game concept artists know!  I’m going to pitch a game based on chilling out!

The very popular ski game.Science World - Vancouver - 10



















The Keva Plank exhibit.  All of these Keva Plank structures were built without glue!  Incroyable!!!!Science World - Vancouver - 11



















The Keva Plank room floor was swarming with little people + planks!  Yo!  And this wasn’t even on a weekend, folks!  Deb told me on weekends Science World is madness!  Take note!Science World - Vancouver - 12



















The Natural Science + History wing which was my favorite.Science World - Vancouver - 13



















Among the exhibits there were live insects, a life size beaver dam + fossils!Science World - Vancouver - 14

Science World even had a sex + reproduction wing!!!!  Oh la la!!!!Science World - Vancouver - 15

So progressive!!!!  Some museums in the States have reproduction sections in their museums, but nothing as educational + thorough as this!  Well done, Canada!!!Science World - Vancouver - 17

Deb + I were laughing at this cheeky little window placed up high of a cowboy + cowgirl “rolling in the hay”!  I do say!!!!Science World - Vancouver - 16

Oh, but ladies + gentlemen….the treasure of Science World lies in the Eureka Gallery!  This is where the creme de la creme of interactive, hands-on fun lies!!!!

These little nuggets were getting all psychedelic on the spinning wheel…Science World - Vancouver - 18



















All the kids were running around like chickens with their heads cut off!!!!  It was like play wonderland!  But educational!  Whatta concept!Science World - Vancouver - 19



















It’s similar to the awesome Exploratorium in San Francisco.  If you’re in San Francisco, go visit!

The Eureka Gallery was basically like striking gold.  But I am lacking for good photos because at this point the four of us…oh wait correction Deb + I + all of the other adults in the gallery were completely spent + wandering around like sad ol’ tired rag dolls.  Children are an endless fountains of bubbling effervescence!!!!  Oh, youth!  I remember thee!!!!  Tobin + Matt were in hog heaven running from one display to another.

I shall leave you with an image of Matt getting beamed up into space.Science World - Vancouver - 20



















Original gangstas.Beam Me Up Scotty












The future is in your hands my wee ones….persevere + go forth!!!!

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  1. HAHAHA…”Original ganstas”…love it!

    January 17, 2013

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