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Why is it So Cold in Canada????

OMG, Canada.  Why are you so darn cold???






Yes, yes, yes.  I know it’s because of it’s northern latitude.  But seriously, WHY IS IT SO COLD!!!????


















A little nerdy Game of Thrones reference for y’all.  But NAY!!!!  Winter is yet far off!!!!

“You must be American.”, is what all of you Canucks are wondering.  Why actually, yessir you are correct!  It’s going to be a toasty 85 degrees in Southern California tomorrow!  Well, folks it’ll be 62 degrees in Vancouver tomorrow.  That’s cold to people from Los Angeles.  Don’t laugh!!!

My husband sympathetically said to me, “It’s not cold yet.  Wait until it starts raining non stop for months.”.  Awesome.  Thanks for the soothing words.  Like chamomile tea, those words.  NOT!!!  More like a cold, wet blanket of words!!!! 




I’ve never experienced an entire winter in Canada.  And apparently this has been one of the mildest Septembers/Octobers on record in Vancouver!  I’m skerred, y’all.






I walk around the house in my lambswool booties that I got in New Zealand + my Lululemon Scuba Hoodie that I found at the outlet in April.  And yes, if you didn’t already know, Lululemon is a Canadian company – take that!!



















I really didn’t understand the whole Cult of the Lululemon Scuba Hoodie before.

NOW I get it.  Cuz Canada be freezing, yo!!!  Scuba hoodies are magically thick + seriously warm!

“Why don’t you just turn on the heater?” you wonder.  “Cuz I’m cheap”, is my answer.  So there.

All I want to do is wear comfortable, soft clothing, eat + drink hot foods + hibernate under the down comforter to get warm!



















But I shall not be defeated!  I shall embrace the seasons!  I’m gonna get all up in the cold weather things that people that live in cold weather do!

Hot toddies!!!











Hats with ear flaps like this!








But not necessarily like this!!!







Investing in some heat lamps.

This cat is obviously smarter than I am.















Start wearing flannel.

It’s like wearing a snuggly blanket on the upper half of your body.













I need one of these.  Oh, + it’s made by the Japanese!  Genius, of course!!!














Okay, that’s my starter list on how to stay cozy in Canada.  I’m new at learning methods for this baffling, “keep warm” concept.  So, if anyone has more tips for me – keep ’em coming!!!!


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  1. Alana says that “Vancouver is the tropics of Canada”. Poor Shelli.

    October 2, 2012
    • Oh man, seriously? Actually, I heard that Vancouver is one of the warmer cities in Canada. I should be happy I didn’t go from sunny Southern California to Winnipeg or something like that.

      October 5, 2012
  2. kenny daddO/Papi nishino #

    Yike’s, Nan, it was 104 in the Conejo Valley, it was prolly
    10 degree’s hotter in SFV,…ugh,…but U will eventually get
    used 2 the rain and cold weather in Canada, Mom, found
    ur huge Down Trench Coat, she’ll be shipping up shortly
    so hopefully that will suffice for now, stay warm, Take Care,
    hey, 2 Jeff, cheers, Mahalo, Luv, Dad

    October 3, 2012
    • I can’t wait to get my down robe!!! I knew there was a reason I bought it at the thrift store! I wish I was wearing it right now!

      October 5, 2012
  3. I love all of the illustrations! 🙂 I’m sitting here freezing because I wasn’t expecting it to get so cold and snowy overnight…I have to go dig out my big slippers, my fleece snuggie, my blowdryer, my flannel granny nightgowns, my fleece pants, my woolly kneesocks…you get the picture. Also, lots of hot tea and porridge…brrrr! Ich nicht gern Winterwetter! 😉

    Hey, and I told you it might snow here before Thanksgiving, and I was TOTALLY right. Not that I’m happy about being right in this case… 😛

    October 3, 2012
    • WHAT!!!??? Are you serious!? Snow!? Omigod. What am I going to do, Michelle??? I’m SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      October 5, 2012

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